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How to Send Files from Android to iOS X in Easy Steps

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Is it possible for Android to send files to a Mac? Don’t the 2 OS have major incompatibility issues? How can the files be transferred without either party being recognized by another?

Thankfully, the incompatibility between Android and Mac OS is bridged by the pressing commercial need to provide functionality to users. And so, there are a number of ways you can share files between the two OS. Want to know what they are? Read on.

We’ll talk about 3 easy ways to share files between the two:

  1. File transfer using Android File TransferFile Sharing using SHAREit
  2. File Sharing using SHAREitFile Transfer using Drives
  3. File Transfer using Drives

There are plenty of other methods to transfer files between the two, including DropBox and Bluetooth devices. But these methods are easier, and that is why we’re talking about them here.

#1. File Transfer using Android File Transfer:

Android File Transfer is an amazing file sharing app. Provided by Android, the app lets you explore your mobile device’s content on your Mac just like Windows. The app needs to be downloaded onto your Mac directly from Android’s official website. Here’s a concise list of steps you can follow to use this app:

  • Download Android File Transfer. The app is available as a dmg file. You can download it off the internet at no cost whatsoever. Simply visit Android’s official site, or click this link to directly start the download.
  • Open the DMG file. Click the downloaded file and it should execute normally.
  • Drag Android File Transfer to Applications.
  • Unlock your Android device and connect your phone and Mac using the USB cable.
  • Run Android File Transfer. Simply double click the icon.
  • You are now ready to transfer whichever file you fancy. The app really runs like a dream. Have fun!

File transfer through Android File Transfer is a breeze. The app opens on its own whenever you plug in your Android. And none of the frustration that commonly comes with working on cross platform software. There is nothing you can’t accomplish with this app in your

#2. File Transfer using SHAREit:

SHAREit is a glorious software. It is unbelievably efficient. Plus it is super fun to use. The app takes good care of presentation while offering killer functionality. The best part about SHAREit is that it works with any combination of OS. Mac and Windows can both run it effortlessly, as can Android, Windows for phones and any other popular OS you might know. This makes SHAREit an amazing common ground for devices to exchange files.

Here’s what you’ve got to do to use SHAREit to exchange files you want.

  • Download SHAREit in both your devices. The official website has the files available for all. Visit to get the downloads going. You can also simply visit the Play Store page and the iTunes page to download them to your device.
  • Configure your profiles on both devices. Choose an avatar, a name and fill in other details as required. This is essential for later when you might need to pick out your profile from a bunch of other people in the vicinity.
  • Open SHAREit on both devices. Click “Send” on your Android and “Receive” on the Mac, if that’s how you want the file to go; from Android to Mac.
  • Use the Android device to select whichever files, documents, images, videos, audio etc you wish to send to the Macbook.
  • You should see the Macbook’s avatar on your screen. Move closer to the Macbook if you cannot. Once it is visible, tap it and let the files come in.
  • Sit back and enjoy as your SHAREit app transfers files from one device to another.

There can be a situation where you aren’t able to connect to the Mac, or cannot find it. It can happen due to several reasons. A simple remedy is to make sure you are connected to the same WiFi network. If there are no Wifi networks available, SHAREit will create a mock Hotspot which does not use your internet. You can use this network, and the connection will happen effortlessly.

The best part about SHAREit is that it makes you feel very relaxed. The happy, almost kiddish avatars take away moroseness and dullness. Plus your files are done transferring before you can count back to zero from 10. You can keep track of the transfer, the speed and loads of other information that leave you feeling in control. Happy sharing with SHAREit!shareit5

#3. File Transfer using Drives:

File Transfer using Drives is perhaps the easiest and safest way to share files. The main advantage of this method is that your data is backed up on the internet. Plus it is accessible to you whenever and wherever you might have need of it. The sharing is secure too, and only you can choose who has access to it. The shortcoming? There is no telling how slow or fast your internet is going to be. The slow internet can especially ruin video streaming from the drive though you can avoid that fate by downloading the file first. Anyway, here’s how you can use Internet drives to share any and every file you want.

  1. Download Google Drive on your Mac. Drive usually comes pre-installed in most recent Androids, but you’ll have to download it for Mac. You also need to have a Google account. For the uninitiated, it is an email address with @gmail at the end.
  2. Set up the app with the requisite information. This usually involves setting up your email account and some other settings. It is important to review your security settings periodically to keep track who can use which file.
  3. Upload all the files you want to share with your Mac from your Android. The files don’t usually take much time to upload on a decent internet connection. Pro Tip; make sure the file type is supported on your Mac’s applications. Otherwise, you’ll just end up wasting a lot of time over nothing.
  4. Download the files on your Mac. Open Google Drive, find the files you want and press download. Provided you have a good internet connection, the download should be done in not more than a few minutes. Enjoy your content!cloudtorage

Drives are super convenient! You can use the same uploaded content and view it on as many platforms as you want, and download it too. There’s hardly anything that beats that!

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