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How to find who is calling you? Apps and platforms

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Mobile phones have offered an excellent technique to know in advance of who is calling you. But that happens only when you have saved the number on your phone with the particular person’s name. What if the call is coming from an unknown number? How do you know who it is?

You may get disturbing calls from unknown numbers several times, and you wish to avoid them. Here are some ways you can find out who is calling you to take necessary actions against them.


Check on Social Media Apps – Facebook:

When you sign up on a social media application such as Facebook, you have to put up several details. While some people do not wish to update all the details, some others love to maintain transparency. Hence, if someone has updated their phone number on the site, you can quickly get it from their profile.

Now how can you search for the owner of an unknown phone number on Facebook? You have to search the phone number in the search bar of Facebook and search it. The app should come up with the result if the person has updated this number on Facebook.


Reverse Phone Lookup – Radaris:

You can see that searching for phone numbers on social media platforms such as Facebook is not always fruitful.

Another possible method that you can use is to search for the number on Google. This is the easiest thing to do as you search for many other things. When you search, Google will guide you through different websites to get details for the phone number in return for a subscription charge.

Now, if you do not wish to pay such a charge, you should go for a reverse phone lookup service provider such as Radaris. All you need to do is provide the phone number in the search bar or the service provider, and you can get detailed information about the owner of the phone number.


If it is someone whom you know, you also know what you need to do next. But if you think that the name appearing on the screen is someone you do not know, you can click on the name to get further information on it. After you have known enough about the person, you can decide what to do with this person.

Mobile App – TrueCaller:

If you get several calls from different unknown numbers and you wish to keep track of them, an ideal way is to install mobile applications such as TrueCaller on your device. This application is known worldwide, and many people have been using it on their smartphones to stay protected from fraud calls and to know the person in advance before receiving the call.

If you have a single number to check about, obviously using the seriously free reverse phone lookup service provider Radaris is an excellent option. But when you get a call from an unknown number for which you need to take immediate action, you require an application such as TrueCaller on your phone. This app can identify the number immediately and project the details on the screen to decide what you should do with this call. While the free version of TrueCaller helps you identify the caller’s name and location, the premium version of the application enables you to get detailed information about the caller.


Today, there are so many fraudulent activities that are going on. Most of them are online fraud, and there are also situations where you get a call from a fraudulent number, and you get exposed to such a risk. Hence, it is very important to keep track of the calls you are getting from unknown numbers. Also, when you call on a number, you should be sure that it is the correct number of the person you are calling. Getting help from several options such as those mentioned above can let you find out who is calling you and let you know the owner of an unknown number.




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