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How to Cartoonize a Photo – 4 Best Tools on Computer, Phone, and Tablet

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The rise of social media gives a platform for various pictures to release vogue vitality with unique charms. Unlike selfies and portraits, cartoon photos earn it a place with humorous and exaggerated features among so many pictures. Except for selfies and portraits, posting cartoon pictures online would be a great choice to activate social platforms and attract followers. You can add a dose of humor to the content you share online to make it sparkle.

Notably, how to cartoonize a photo? This article will help you solve this problem by sharing the four best tools respectively on a computer, phone, and tablet. They are WorkinTool Image Converter, Adobe Photoshop, BeFunky Photo Editor and Procreate. No matter where you are and what electronic equipments you have now, you can find an effective answer after reading.


Part 1 How to Cartoonize a Photo on Computer

  • WorkinTool Image Converter

Price: free

Supported OS: Windows 11/10/8/7

Pros Cons
Free download and use Only Supports Windows now
Login free
Clean interface
Convenient and high-efficient
Suitable for beginners
No watermark

WorkinTool Image Converter is one of the main WorkinTool software developed by Shanghai Hudun Hi-Tech Group. All the products are free to use currently. You can download it to your PC on their website completely free. And it doesn’t contain any in-app purchases. It doesn’t need to visit the registration page to sign up as well.

After downloading, open this software and you can see a clean interface without advertisements. As an aside, in addition to cartoonize photos, please feel free to try other functions. Feature Conversion, Picture Toolbox, and Edit Pictures for Fun are useful to you as well.

How to begin cartoonize?

Step 1: Find Add Special Effects>click Cartoonize Photo or Add Images: firstly, choose a photo you want to cartoonize and add it to the software.

Step 2: Check the effects and click Save Now: after finishing, check the final effect with Before & After button, and save it to your PC. No watermark will appear on the cartoonized photo.

With the enhancement of AI auto-editing, your work can be finished in a few clicks. And you don’t need to pay much time and effort to draw or edit. It can save your cost to the greatest extent. See, it’s not only high-efficient but also friendly to beginners, right?

By the way, if you’re satisfied with the final work, click Reselect Image to process another one. Here I select a picture of a fox. It’s also amazing when cartooning animals!

  • Adobe Photoshop

Price: charge

Supported OS: Windows and macOS

Pros Cons
Sufficient online tutorials Charge
Powerful and advanced features editing functions for professionals Unable to use without registration
Multiple output formats Sophisticated

Adobe Photoshop has become the industry standard not only in raster graphics editing but in digital art as a whole, as Wikipedia says. Admittedly, it’s no need to say how popular this image software is in the whole world.

How to use it?

Step 1 Open Photoshop and upload your photo: choose a photo you want to add cartoon effect to.

Step 2 Create a layer: creating a new layer based on the original picture is a sensible choice to avoid your editing effect being damaged. Next, use tools like Forward Wrap Tool, Pucker Tool, and Bloat to create the effect and exaggerate features.

Step 3 Click Filter>Filter Gallery>Artistic: From here, you can choose the Poster Edge Filter to change Edge Thickness, Edge Intensity, and Posterization. You can increase your image’s overall sharpness and apply Oil Paint Filter in the Filter section as well. Add outlines and adjustments can make better effects. Don’t forget to save your project.

All of these functions, however, come at a price. You need to pay money monthly or even longer. If you’re professional and you’ll use it regularly, it would be a nice choice.


Part 2 How to Add Cartoon Effects to Photos on Phone

  • BeFunky Photo Editor

Price: free, but it contains in-app purchases.

Supported OS: mobile phones, Windows, and macOS

Pros Cons
Convenient Payment is required to enjoy some upgraded features
Friendly to beginners It only supports BFD, JPG, and PNG
Multiple cartoon filters
Compatible for computer and phone at the same time

BeFunky Photo Editor is an application in which you can cartoonize photos. You can download it to your phone to explore more functions. It also has an online program that allows you to edit cartoon effects in real-time.

The Cartoonizer, as the tool that put BeFunky on the map, remains popular in the Photo Editor, which can turn your image into a variety of cartoon effects.

How to cartoonize a photo?

Step 1 Upload a photo to BeFunky Photo Editor: you can download the mobile app or open the online homepage.

Step 2 Find Artsy>click Cartoonizer to choose presets: on the tool menu, choose the Artsy category and choose a preset you like. You can customize the effect on your image with the Settings. After that, click Apply and save your project.

As you can see, BeFunky Photo Editor is convenient to use, you just need to finish a few steps to get nice work. If you need to make advanced adjustments, however, extra payment is required. But if you just want to have a try, it will be a nice choice.


Part 3 How to Cartoonize a Photo on Tablet

  • Procreate

Price: charge

Supported OS: iPad

Pros Cons
Add any details you want Charge
Multiple output formats Only for iPad
Share conveniently Apple pencil is required

Procreate is a leading creative app designed specifically for iPad. It has everything you need to create expressive paintings, gorgeous illustrations, and artistic animations. You can make your painting anytime with this art studio you can take anywhere.

During painting in this app, you can create a layer, choose a brush, adjust color, and add any details you want. Even you can create a color palette bases on the original reference image. Because it is a painting app, everyone has their way to draw. So we pass on the how-to step.

After finishing, you can save it as PSD, PDF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and beyond to your photo library or share it directly to your social platforms.

Before putting it into practice, you need to be equipped with an iPad and an Apple pencil. If you already have them both, just download and experience it now.


More to Say

Is this article helpful? Do you find a tool you like after reading? We highly recommend WorkinTool Image Converter because it’s completely free, high-efficient, and friendly to new users. However, no matter which software you choose, hope you can enjoy your editing journey and create successful work.

So are you ready to cartoonize a photo now?

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