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Grow and Stay in Business with SaaS Solutions

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SMBs are making big news, sometimes for their unique business ideas and sometimes for meeting an immature end. People say it’s never been easier to start a new business. But staying in a successful business is the real challenge. Be it tech startups, investment services, retail chains, restaurants and marketing agencies, new buds are blossoming in the business world every day. But the smiling welcome into the business world fades away as soon as challenges strike the aspiring entrepreneurs.

If the impatient approach strikes the first hammer, lack of the tools of trade acts as the final blow. The overhead cost of running a business also takes a toll on the spirits of small business owners, and they end up compromising on the important technological aids. But with software as a service emerging as a savior for the sullen startup ships, the cost can be controlled in an effective manner.

Small businesses can level the field with big enterprises by adopting software solutions on a subscription basis. To tame the beast of endless manual work, businesses can take help from a myriad of SaaS solutions. Manual tasks and paperwork can be streamlined with software as a solution, and the framework to stay in business for many more years can be laid.

Why is SaaS All the Rage?

From making a business plan to strategy building, marketing automation, sales streamlining and HR administration can be manage efficiently with SaaS. Time efficiency can be achieved by business owners, so that they can focus their resources, expertise and capital on enhancing their core competencies.

The idea of renting a software service, such as HR software on rent, is a boon for small businesses, which have to deal with rising costs and unforeseen market circumstances. The power of enterprise technology can be installed and managed by third-party vendors to strengthen the bottom line of SMBs. Ensuring the ease of employees, SaaS solutions also simple-to-use and intuitive format. All they need is secure access details, and work proceeds in as painless manner as possible.
Benefits of Using SaaS Solutions to Run Your Business.

Work from Anywhere

SaaS solutions allow users to access data from anywhere by just entering their login credentials. This proves as a godsend help for those who work from distant locations and earn their living as telecommuters or freelancers. In the area of expansion, not just individuals but even businesses operate from diverse locations. SaaS is the only connecting thread for them, as it keeps all their important data stored on the cloud to be accessed anytime and from anywhere.

Seamless Upgrades

In the world of enterprise technology, frequent upgrades happen. So, it’s always a better idea to depend on an expert service provider for the latest versions. Software service providers manage all software upgrades and updates to help businesses focus more on the important tasks at hand. With this, there is no need to download and install patches at regular intervals.

Zero Infrastructure Cost

Handling the complexity of IT infrastructure is not easy for a small business with limited budget. So, it’s ideal to opt for business software applications through SaaS. Software service vendors can handle the complexity of IT infrastructure when installing and implementing any software service. Users don’t have to worry about the different versions of operating systems and their support for any specific database.

Maintenance of hardware and upgrades of software are also handled by vendors, so that users don’t have to stay involved at every stage.

Easy to Deploy

SaaS solution providers ensure cost efficiency by asking small businesses to arrange only for a web browser and internet access. Even without installing a software, businesses can enjoy a new version on immediate basis. If you go by the traditional method, it may take months to install a software solution and the implementation can solely be the responsibility of your IT staffs.

Data Recovery & Backups

Backing up of data on a regular basis can be a painstaking task for businesses even in the best of times. Rather than spending big bucks on an expensive automated solution in-house for creating a data backup, bootstrapped businesses can look for SaaS solutions for data backup and recovery. With this, they can get rid of the laborious task of manual backing up. SaaS solutions allow data backups to be created automatically without any human intervention. By putting an end to the chances of human errors, automated data backup processes also ensure the integrity of data.

The Growth of SaaS Market

  • • Cloud computing is estimated to increase at the CAGR of 19 percent from 2015 to 2020. With this, it will surge from $67 billion in 2015 to &162 billion in 2020.
  • • As per Gartner’s prediction, the public cloud service market is expected to grow by 18 percent in 2017 to reach $247 billion globally.
  • • 74 percent of Tech CFOs believe that cloud computing will impact their business in 2017 significantly.

SaaS solutions are being adopted by growing businesses and complex business models globally, and this has led to analysts and advisory firms taking a deep interest into the future of software as a service. The best way to check for the credibility of these forecasts is to have a look at the revenue of some of the leading cloud service providers. According to Amazon’s latest quarterly results, AWS (Amazon Web Services) has attained the year-over-year growth of 43 percent.

Wikibon, a research firm, has surveyed that the enterprise cloud spending is growing at the CAGR of 16 percent between 2016 and 2026. There is no denying the fact that enterprises and small firms have one thing in common – both are investing in SaaS solutions to bridge the gap to success and achieve cost and time efficiency like never before. Even startups need to adopt software as a service at a very initial stage to avoid the chances of going belly up any time soon.

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