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How to Migrate Data between Google Apps Accounts

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In this blog, we will explain the different methods you can use to migrate data between Google Apps account of G Suite. There are multiple G Suite users who face problems while migrating emails from one Google account to another. The solution includes the guide to use Google’s Data Migration Service to transfer your emails from one account to another account or domain and manual approach by using Google Takeout service and automated solution for G Suite to G Suite Migration. Time taken by the methods are totally depending on the size of the data is migrating.

Why Migrate Data between Google Apps Accounts?

There can be multiple reasons for the G Suite users to look for the method to transfer G Suite account to another domain or account. Few of the reasons are mentioned below:

  • Migrate Google Apps Due to Change in G Suite domain.
  • Transfer Google account data to another Google account for multiple users.
  • If a G Suite user wants to merge two G Suite accounts.
  • Migrate data due to an error in the previous accounts

Most of the Google Apps (G Suite) users face this kind of problem. So they got confused with the approaches as there is now a step-wise approach to perform this task. So without wasting any time, let’s see the way using which you can move G Suite data to another domain.

Transfer G Suite data using Google’s Data Migration Service

Google has provided its own tool for the ease of the G Suite users to migrate Google Apps data to another account or domain. Using this service you can transfer all the emails from G suite account to G Suite account of the same or different domain. Although it is a free service provided by Google for its users still there are few difficult things in this method. To migrate contacts and calendar data migration service require the setting up of Exchange Server which could take a large amount of memory space and high-level technical knowledge. But why complain? They are giving you easy and free service to migrate emails between G Suite account.

Follow these steps below to migrate data between Google Apps account:

1. First, login to the Admin Account and click on the Data Migration Service from Admin Console.
2. In the Data Migration Service window, click on the drop-down button & select Emails and click Continue.
3. Now, select the Migration Source as G Suite.
4. Next, from Connection Protocol choose ‘Auto Select (Recommended)’. Now in Role Account enter the Admin Credentials and click on the Next button.
5. In the next window select the Start Date for migration.
6. You can also migrate deleted, junk emails. Select the option according to your priority and click on the Select Users option.
7. Now, you can perform data transfer for the following users:

  • Single User
  • Multiple Users

8. If you want to migrate data between Google Apps for one user then choose the Select User tab.

  • For a single user, enter the Source account admin credentials in Migrate From
  • And select the destination user account from the drop-down in Migrate To

9. Click on Select Multiple users tab to migrate multiple G Suite accounts.

  • After selecting the tab for multiple users, the following window will appear
  • Create a CSV file using the instructions given and ‘ Attach file’
  • Click on the Upload and Start Migration button.

10. Now the migration process will start and you can see the progress in the Admin panel as shown below.

Note: It will take some time by the Data Migration Service to transfer all the data between G Suite accounts. Migration Speed totally depends on the amount of data.

How to Export All Data from Your Google Apps Account

The above steps work for team switching from G Suite to G Suite account all at once — But if you like to move your data from personal G Suite (Gmail) account to your Company G Suite account or from your company G Suite account to your personal Gmail account then use Google Takeout to solve all problems.

You can export nearly everything from one account to another without any trouble. Just open Google Takeout and follow the below steps to migrate data between Google Apps:

1. Login into Google Takeout from your source account.
2. Select the G Apps you wish to transfer after that click on the Next Step.
3. Create Google Apps archive, which contains all the data.
4. Next, click on Download and Save file button and wait for the download to complete. After that save the archive to your personal computer.
5. Now, login into destination account & import the downloaded archive from your PC to the destination account.

Note: You have to perform these steps again and again whenever you need new emails, contacts, documents, etc. from your old account to a new account or domain.

The Final Verdict

In this Blog, we have explained both the free methods to migrate data between Google Apps account or domain. For the ease of the G Suite user, we have provided the step-wise solution with the proper screen-shots. We know that there are some flaws in both the method but they are free to use. Still, if you don’t want to face any of the limitations of both the methods you can always use an automated approach to transfer G Suite emails, contacts, documents, calendars data to a new account or domain. The most popular software for this is the SysTools G Suite Migration tool. You don’t have to migrate data from one account to another account again and again. It gives you the functionality of incremental, delta migration and much more. You can try the free demo version of the tool also to migrate 50 items for 3 user accounts.

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