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GIF Animate: Now With Twitter

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Graphics Interchange Format (GIFs) have finally come to Twitter. Yes, you got the news right! No wonder, another image-based form has gained popularity. You can now tweet the endlessly looping animations. This leading micro-blogging platform, has rolled out its support for animated

Here’s how you can add GIFs in your tweet…

  • Visit your Twitter account and sign in with Twitter button
  • Plugin your Twitter credentials. You can compose a tweet via the Twitter homepage, or through your own profile
  • Choose edit profile
  • Now choose your GIF animation
  • Make sure the GIFs are sized at 128px, 192px and 384px. It should be less than 250kb and should not be against a transparent background
  • Once the animated GIF is uploaded, go to twitter setting. It is suggested that you should change your password to protect your account details
  • Type your accompanying message and post tweet
  • Most of the GIFs will animate in the Twitter’s Web Timeline. The success of GIFs upload depends on the size of the GIFs, the browser you’re using and the proper functioning of the apps.

If pictures says a thousand words, imagine what animated pictures could tell your audiences. They are perfect ways to market your brand. GIFs animation is something that every marketers want for their brands. If you are one of the marketers looking forward to see what best can you do with your brand by using GIFs you are in the right page.

Some of the interesting ways to market your brand via GIFs animation in Twitter:-

#1. A story can say a lot about your brand

A short brand message or story teamed with GIF images can do wonders. Within a fraction of a second, you have a beginning, middle and end of your brand message or story to tell to your audiences. An image based message is always interesting than a text-based message.

#2. GIFs as your email marketing strategy

Grabbing someone’s attention towards your email message is a bit challenging. However, if your audiences do choose to open your email, make it worth watching. And animated GIFs are one of the greatest ways to make your emails interactive and interesting. However, make sure that you create your GIFs using colors and images matching your brand and the rest of the email design. Do not forget to add ‘alt text’ to the GIF in case it does not show up animated in your recipient’s email client.

#3. Convey your message through GIF

If you’re trying to convey any message to your target audiences, GIF is the best form of communication. Create GIF animation of specific products and services and make it go viral amongst your intended audiences. These animations can help make your products more related to its audiences. There’s always a good chance that if there is a video on the internet, someone has made a GIF from it. So find your favorite GIF and share in your Twitter page.

#4. Include your advert in Twitter

Instead of a hefty investment in YouTube or a television campaign, you can definitely try your campaign in Twitter. Campaigns in Twitter were shown to increase spending by 4 percent over campaigns that use TV only, giving a 50 percent ROI. All you need to do is take a clip of your advert and stick it on Twitter without spending a single penny.

#5. Incorporate description on your website

Your website is the hub of marketing as it contains all the information that could probably best benefit from animation. Screencast the tutorials or the direction of your product and turn it into a GIF. Add a description to demonstrate its features in your website, blog post as well as email campaigns.

As you can see, GIFs are a great way to convey your reaction towards something. So what are you waiting for? Start sharing and viewing animated GIFs on Twitter, Android and iPhone and make your brand reach its right audiences.

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