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Four Mobile App Marketing Strategy Tips to Help Beat the Competition

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In 2014, the number of mobile applications downloaded was 45.6 billion, of which 90 percent were free. Considering this fact, the paid app model seems to leave a big challenge for developers who desire to bring the next mobile app in the market. The trend seems to be moving towards an in-app purchase model, as it is expected that people will download nearly 309 billion applications in 2016, of which 93% are expected to be free.

It is also predicted that low priced apps (most apps cost no more than $3) will drive the maximum downloads. Thus, what app marketers can aim for is a strategy that will drive the maximum revenues, by selling in-app purchases, or by charging a low amount to unlock specific features, getting add-on content, or allow users to utilize software for an unspecified period after the trial duration.

According to reliable research, the market for in app purchases will be around $ 5.6 billion in 2015. Most experts are confident about apps that generate revenue and that in-app purchases will be around 30 percent in 2016. In the terms of store revenue, the in app purchasing is expected to be around 41 percent.

Mobile App Marketing Strategy – Providing a Focus

But, what is most important for your mobile app is that it should have a major unique selling point. Therefore, when it comes to creating a USP for your mobile app, you need to concentrate on various aspects such as its originality, advantages as well as disadvantages, and various features that you intent to provide to your app users. Your app also needs to provide a range of features that are worth the user’s time effort and money vis-à-vis the competition.

Thus, when you want to sell an app, though increasingly difficult, considering the growing user preference for free or low cost apps, you need to consider a few questions that will help you get started while deciding the app marketing strategy:

  • In what way is your mobile app advantageous over your competitor’s app?
  • What key competitors do you face while trying to market your app?
  • What makes your app unique and saleable?
  • What are the key features that distinguish your app from your competitor’s app?

#1. In what way is your mobile app advantageous over your competitor’s app?

While your app can offer the user a number of privileges such as endless hours of fun and pleasure in the case of games, or the capability to create a healthy lifestyle in case of a health app, or the ability to grow your small business finances, in case of a business app, you need to consider the fact that does it offer any specific advantage over your competitor’s app?

For example the mobile apps functions should be unique or at least better than what your competitor offers. At the same time, your app should provide some useful features to the client that the competitor’s app does not provide. Does the app provide ways to improve their life style or standard of living? In other words, does the app help save money or become more money conscious, or help them get a pulse on their health? Also, it will serve your clients good if it different from your competitors apps in various ways.

As part of your marketing strategy, ensure that you sell your mobile app’s advantages. One of the easiest ways is to include the details on your website, various app stores, as well as the social media.

#2. What key competitors do you face while trying to market your app?

In the present circumstances, most businesses consider competition as beneficial. This is because competition creates circumstances which provide a good choice to customers and also helps maintain price levels. There could be a market where there are no direct competitors, but this situation is extremely rare. Thus, start researching who your competitors are and don’t panic if there are more competitors than you expected. You can learn from your competitor’s mistakes and help improve your own app.

Start by dividing your competition as direct and indirect. In case of a direct competitor, the same mobile app is offered for the same target audience, while in case of an indirect competitor, the same app is offered to a different audience.

You can also make a competitor list while noting down their major characteristics and other useful parameters. You can also buy a competitor app and note down how the app performs so that you can match or even better your own app’s performance to your own.

#3. What makes your app unique and saleable?

While further formulating the marketing strategy for your app, you also need to consider what makes your app unique for your clients or customers. In this manner, you can go on to think which words or phrases best describe your app, or which features leave your users amazed, or what will make your users open your app again and again. From such questions, you will be able to determine your app’s value and will provide better avenues for marketing your product.

#4. What are the key features that distinguish your app from your competitor’s app?

Once you have done the above exercise, it is a good idea to note down the best features of your app that you think beats your competition and present it to your target audience. This will help your customers decide faster and feel inspired to purchase your app. The main aim is not to confuse the buyer, but help them in arriving at a faster and concrete buying decision.


Thus, in a world where even the best of apps are used for a maximum period of six months by over 90% of the users in spite of the best intentions, following these mobile marketing strategy tips will help you tide over the ‘retention crisis’ that is so common in the mobile apps development industry. Hence, why not help your customers retain their focus on your app even beyond the ‘crisis’ 6 month mark! Let’s hope that your app gets a good boost by following this strategy.

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