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Four Best CRM Solutions For Real Estate Companies

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As reported by Inman, more than two-thirds (71.5 percent) of respondents said they use CRM solutions for their real estate business. However, with all of the leads and contacts you obtain from your real estate marketing efforts, you need an efficient, user-friendly customer relationship management system to store them.

Today’s CRM systems are more than just databases for storing various kinds of data such as email addresses or phone numbers. Modern CRM software solutions provide agents many unique benefits and options.

Here is a list of features that a CRM solution for Real Estate should include in order to take care of your contact database and help you grow your business:


The best CRM solutions allow you to store necessary files into the cloud, which dramatically reduces the risk of data loss: upload listing photos, contracts and sales documents online and manage them with ease.


Today’s software should be fast, effective, and have easy navigation. It shouldn’t take you much time to understand how to use the system more effectively. Apart from easy navigation, CRM solution for real estate should offer an “easy on the eyes” interface so as to provide users with the latest design and usability trends.

Highly accessibility

The most efficient CRM systems have apps for iPhones, iPads, Android phones, and other popular mobile devices, making it easy to work from different platforms by having an ability to keep track of necessary data on the go, which is crucial for real estate professionals.


CRM solutions should be adjustable since every company is different. Every type of business has its own specifics and unique business processes, so the software should be adjusted to their specific marketing and sales approaches as well as to their customers’ needs.

Offering marketing and sales features

Today’s CRM solutions can be used to create sales strategies and plan marketing campaigns. The best CRM software for real estate combines sales and marketing for better lead tracking, data visibility and for scheduling marketing and sales activities in advance.

There are several different CRM solutions for real estate teams. Each solution is a bit different from the next one, so it is important to assess your own CRM needs and compare them to what the market offers. When choosing the best option, you must remember that there are lots of CRM systems that aren’t designed specifically for the real estate market, so in order to pick up the best one, you must be diligent, define your real estate marketing and sales needs, or even ask for recommendations. As stated by WSJ, home sales will continue to grow in 2015, so you should definitely consider utilizing a real estate technician

Here are four client relationship management solutions designed specifically for the real estate market that will help you stay ahead of the curve and take on any challenge:

#1. Bpm’Online Real Estate

Bpm’online real estate is an integrated sales and marketing CRM cloud application with an extended set of tools for real estate brokers and agents to manage the entire cycle from initial request, to list matching, to negotiate and then to close deals. Bpm’online’s CRM system has all of the required functions to help both residential agencies and commercial real estate companies become more efficient in the digital era. Bpm’online is applicable for any scale: starting from small firms to large enterprises. Bpm’online offers a complete view of the customer journey by uniting fragmented processes into a single path along the client journey, guided through each step of the sales pipeline. It is possible to monitor the results of each stage to increase the performance and the productivity of your real estate team.bpmonline crm solution

#2. Contactually

Contactually software makes it easy to stay engaged with your network across different channels. That means no more worrying about who to follow-up with, how any prior interactions went, or what to say to break the ice. With follow-ups proceeded through Contactually, users are promised to have fewer cold, forgotten connections, and more warm relationships that are thinking of you when an important opportunity — no matter what it is — presents .

Contactually includes built-in tools that enable users to send large numbers of personalized follow-ups — the kind of thing that’s impossible to do on your own. Contactually allows real estate professionals to keep all of their important relations in one system by easily pulling the information from your email accounts, including Gmail and Outlook, social networks, and even external business applications like MailChimp and Zapier.

contantually crm

#3. Followup Boss

Followup Boss is designed to help growing real estate teams effectively to distribute and immediately contact leads. The system has automatic text and email notifications for owners of the leads. One of the core benefits of Followup Boss is its simplicity of tracking the source of your leads. With Followup Boss you can see the exact number of leads coming from your website and from other sources. The system includes several different options for sorting out leads to add to various team members. The thorough engagement is a must in the current real estate sales environment, so Followup Boss lets you instantly track and text prospects on social media.

2015-11-26_13-53_Real Estate Lead Management

#4. PlanPlus Real Estate

Plan Plus is an all-in-one cloud software for Real Estate professionals. PlanPlus Online Real Estate provides effective client & lead follow up options for building customer relationships as well as automated email marketing solutions for nurturing prospects.

Plan Plus also offers real estate professionals ‘Weekly Planning’ and ‘Quick Priorities Wizard’ tools for task management and tracking as well as contact management and ‘Lead boomerang’ for segmenting customer databases.

PlanPlus Online Real Estate is accessible from any mobile device with a web-browser. It works and looks exactly the same on any desktop browser , including Safari. As of now, PlanPlus Online Real Estate does not have an app for the iPad. However, the service offers apps for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.planplus
There are plenty of types of real estate specific software with in-depth reviews and information about each one. Spend some time reading reviews, check recommendations and subscribe for the trial versions to get a better understanding of the different kinds of CRMs to choose from and which one fits your real estate needs the best.

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