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Facebook’s Acquisition Of Oculus VR: Taking Virtual Reality To A Connected World

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Gone are the days when children used to crave to spend a lot of time outdoors to play with their friends. All they, and also young adults, want now-a-days is to go online. For them, the internet has turned into a place to connect with each other and also to play games there.

The popularity of online gaming over the past few decades bears testimony to this. There are quite a few gaming options, which can help the players escape reality and delve into the gaming world to enjoy. This virtual reality is all set to be the next big thing in the digital world. This is driving a number of companies, especially the social media organizations, to venture into the world of gaming.

Merging Gaming with the Concept of Connecting the World

Oculus VR is one of the major competitors in the virtual reality market. Despite being incorporated only a few years ago, the company has performed appreciably to emerge as a major force in its domain of creating virtual reality devices. The Oculus Rift headset has brought about a transformation in the world of gaming.

Facebook, on the other hand, looks forward to making the world a well connected place. It focuses on developing applications, which can help to achieve this. To date, Facebook has been engaged in developing different types of applications for mobile devices. The primary objective is to post, share, or like messages, which, in turn, will help to connect more number of people. But they are planning a move forward. This is where Oculus VR is becoming relevant for Facebook.

Taking Virtual Reality to New Heights

Until now, Oculus VR is known to be a part of the gaming industry. Its product, Oculus Rift, is a favorite among the gamers from around the world. Facebook is well aware of this. According to Mark Zuckerberg, the gaming aspect of the Oculus Rift will remain even after the acquisition.

However, the future holds something more interesting, as Facebook has something more in mind. “Imagine enjoying a courtside seat at a game, studying in a classroom of students and teachers all over the world or consulting with a doctor face-to-face — just by putting on goggles in your home.” says Zuckerberg. This somewhat reveals Facebook’s plan to merge the gaming experience with the services to connect the world.

Together to Create New Experiences

Zuckerberg commented: “Oculus’s mission is to enable you to experience the impossible. Their technology opens up the possibility of completely new kinds of experiences.” Facebook is trying to take these experiences to newer heights. While sitting in a place, you can utilize virtual reality to feel as if you are sitting somewhere else, with other people.

While Oculus had kept this limited to gaming experience till date, Facebook plans to take the experience forward. You might soon be able to sit in your room and yet feel as if you are enjoying the company of your friends somewhere else or sitting at the doctor’s chamber, listening to his advice. Thus, it can help you experience the affairs at one place without actually being present there.

Mixed Reactions to the Acquisition

The reactions to Facebook’s decision to acquire Oculus have been mixed. For the Facebook users, it ensures that they will be able to enjoy the gaming at new heights. However, the users of Oculus Rift seem wary of the fact that Facebook’s advertisements might cause interruption of the gaming experience. People are also concerned about how Facebook is going to utilize user information.

To a number of people, the amount of $2 billion, with which Oculus was acquired by Facebook, also seems to be a loss for the gaming company. However, it included $400 million in cash. Besides, it also involved 23.1 million shares of the stock of Facebook.

No matter what the reactions of the users of both Facebook and Oculus may be, the acquisition is expected to take the technology of virtual reality to the next level. It is likely to merge it with the company’s objective of creating a connected world, thus enhancing user experiences.

Taking Oculus beyond Mere Gaming

Facebook is going to help Oculus develop different kinds of products with the objective to enhance gaming experiences of the people who are already using Oculus Rift. Moreover, Facebook will also support the activities of Oculus VR to build on the already present foundation of manufacturing excellent gaming devices. However, in the long run, gaming devices are not what Facebook is really interested in. Hence, in future, they will focus on developing more interesting devices to ensure that the concept of virtual reality is integrated in the day to day lives of people.

Facebook has been one of the major forces in the field of social media over the past few years. The acquisition of Oculus VR ensures that it is yet again ready to spread its wings and take its users on a ride of virtual reality.

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