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Extend Your Brand’s Reach to Millions of Viewers by Live Streaming

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As our modern society is evolving, we are finding more and better ways to achieve tasks, which would have taken a considerable amount of time in the past, in mere hours. Live streaming services are an innovation that allows us to do just that, and can help you or your brand reach millions of viewers instantly and interactively.

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The Online Realm is not Bound by Borders

In the real world, you can’t simply put up a flag or bring a megaphone onto a street corner to spread your brand communications. There are very specific rules for how you can connect with consumers, and these change from state to state and country to country. However, in the online world, you have far more freedom to create and share content that is not limited by space, local legislations or potential vandalism. In fact, your online brand communications won’t even receive the typical wear and tear from weather conditions, ensuring that the communications you create continue to represent your brand in the best light for as long as you choose to host the content.

This borderless marketing also allows you to reach consumers in various countries without having to spend more capital on physical advertising media. Instead, you can consolidate all of your brand communications and created content in one place, where consumers from around the world can all tune in to enjoy interesting articles, advice and insight into your unique brand.

Furthermore, you can connect with your audience in real-time when you stream online events via trusted brands like Blue Jeans, answering audience questions as they are asked, and helping viewers understand the benefits that your brand offers. There are few media options that offer such interactive brand engagement, which is why live broadcasting is becoming a vital tool in every brand or marketer’s toolkit.

Proper Preparation is Critical for Live Events

When hosting a live stream or live event, it’s always critical to try to plan for any and every possibility. This includes potential problems that may arise, possible questions that the audience may ask, as well as any other variables that you can’t always control. Many brands, when venturing into live events for the first time, make the mistake of not preparing properly. Then, when a problem arises, such as equipment failure, the entire event is not only a failure but can also reflect negatively on your brand.

As more brands desire remote community outreach options, streaming options on personal devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets, both in and out of the office are getting popular. This is to make them feel more comfortable in spreading more awareness, which can ultimately improve their online visibility and campaign efficiency. One of the greatest keys to promote authentic brand building is to fully connect with your target audience. While pictures, messages and mailers are ok, it can be extremely difficult to truly understand the brand’s message and the story narrative. With live streaming pictures, audio and visual messages are far more easier to connect. Just like phone calls or simple mailers can become bland and monotonous, live streaming adds emotion and the expression of the brand, which evokes genuine feelings in the average viewer.

As long as one needs time to share your brand’s message to the target audience, it absolutely makes sense to understand the audience behavior and interests in the first place. Similarly, if the audience is a particularly large set of people of different age groups, then it would do you well to understand the demographics of who they are and what they want.

A way for newcomers to safely achieve this is by starting small and learning from each event. This way, you don’t have to gamble on one large event, but can rather practice with smaller events and work your way up towards large, successful events. As long as you are going to take the time to give any sort of message to any sort of audience, it absolutely makes sense to understand your audience. If your audience is a particularly large group of people then it would do you well to understand the demographics of who they are and what they want.

TEDxVienna, a brand that hosts multiple live events per year from industry leaders, shared insight on how they ensure preparedness for their live shows that reach millions of viewers: “During TEDxVienna’s events, we have a person and a backup person assigned to each channel for each talk. This is helpful and really essential for some channels.”

By having a secondary person assigned to each task, each team of two can not only ensure optimal performance throughout the event but can also cater to unexpected issues without having to halt and aspects of production.

Live Streaming can also be an Effective Internal Tool

One of the greatest benefits of streaming services is that you can utilize them for much more than just connecting with consumers. In fact, it offers a wide array of benefits that can be utilized within your company as well.

Online Meetings: With live video streaming, you can cut down dramatically on travel and accommodation expenses when you need to hold meetings with managers or directors. Instead, each attendee can simply log in from their own office or home, engage in the conversations and add value to the meeting, without having to travel across the country or between continents.

Online Training: While some training has to be done out in the field, most training exercises can be achieved via live video. This again cuts down on travel and accommodation costs, but also allows the unique advantage of being able to train as many employees as possible per training session. Because live video is not limited by space, you can invite your entire organization to attend a training session without worrying about seating requirements, weather conditions or refreshments.

So consider taking your brand to the next level in a wide variety of ways via streaming services. Not only is it an exceptionally effective media that can engage with consumers in real-time, but it also offers numerous benefits like worldwide in-house training, convenient online meetings and much more.

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