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Exploring iPad Pro Apps From A Designer Perspective

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An iPad Pro together with an Apple Pencil, has completely changed the way designers work iteratively on their designs, ultimately saving tremendous effort and time.

Going the traditional way, it all starts from an inspiration looking out for images on the web, followed by a rough sketch. With a few sketching trials, erasing mistakes, and dusting off the eraser dust, finally, the sketch is ready. Share them across your team, and get the feedback for further iterations. Have you ever thought how prolonged the traditional iPad application development process could be? The process can be even lengthier if you need extensive iterations for reaching the final product.

It is pretty safe to say that iPad Pro has made things a lot easier than you could ever imagine. Now you do not need to pile up the unnecessary stack of papers, full of tried and tested sketches. Just copy paste your previous trial, and work on the improvements. Erasing things can take just a few seconds, and iterations become too much faster.

Notes app is still the best tool for sketching

Notes, a default iPad app, is still a hot favorite app for designers to prepare sketches. The reason being, when you work with the Notes app, it seems you are drawing something on paper using pencil. There is an option within the app known as the pressure sensitive pen, which helps you to emphasize on the important features. A built-in ruler let users draw lines, letting them sketch according to the phone screen size.

Using other top rated apps to complete the process

Several other apps can help you to complete your mock-ups, once done with the preliminary stage of sketching within the Notes app.

Adobe Photoshop Fix

Why not use Adobe Photoshop Fix? For those not aware of what the app does, it helps to create incredible mock-ups within seconds. Want a perfect rectangle, or a box, simply draw across a square within three lines, and the rest of the job is done by the app. Adobe Photoshop Fix, helps users in retouching, refining, and enhancing the sketches. Have images imported from the Creative Cloud, and then send to Illustrator, Photoshop, or Indesign, for more refining. With iPad Pro in place, you do not feel the need of space running out, while designing the wireframes.


It is quite certainly the best app to capture your inspiration through sketching, drawing, and building the wireframes. It is a one stop platform, a wonderful package combining all the necessary basic tools like watercolor sketch, ink, pencil, and more. The best part about Paper is, it works really well when used with Apple Pencil. You can have trial doodles sorted in different digital sketchbooks, and share the same through OneNote, Adobe’s Creative Cloud, or Paper feed. Export the sketches with ease to the Illustrator, or Photoshop.


Probably the most powerful app for illustration, painting, and sketching. It has been the recipient of Apple Design Award, and also holding a distinctive honor of being an App Store Essential. The app offers remarkable options for templates, customizable brushes, and too many layers, converting your sketching ideas into reality. Even better, you can have your own set of tools created with ease. You can export extensively large images in PNG, JPG, or PSD format, using the app. With a groundbreaking canvas resolution, responsive smudge tool, cinema-quality special effects, and more, you can create beautiful artwork of massive sizes.


Using this app you can have fun doing the vector art. The app does so in the most intuitive way possible. Drawing vector lines, using the Pencil, is simple and you can have nodes placed wherever you want. Arrange individual vector pieces, select colors, and change the color fills. While Illustrator can prove to be stressful for drawing, Graphic emphasizes more on the fun element. A graphic has everything you need in the first place, ranging from image file import/export, image masking, vector based pdf, RGB/HSB/Hex color pickers, customizable canvases, Bezier pen tool, brushes, objects, images, text, layers, and more. It might not be that effective from a professional standout but would certainly make up for the starters.


Another powerful and groundbreaking app, winning the award for best iPad Pro App in 2015, and has even been the Editor Choice by Apple. It enables professionals and creative people, to easily sketch the ideas by rendering them into a 3D format, and that too quickly. With this app, you can get the sketches prepared in a 2D plane, within the given 3D space. Have a complete control over the color, and the weight of curves. Make use of mirroring, and rapid symmetry, to create live 3D models. Have revolved and extruded surfaces, created with great ease. Using a simple drag and drop manager, you can view as well as manage your designs. Group them into a single collection. Even duplicate the designs having similar ones created.

Inspire P

Suitable for artists of all ages, Inspire Pro is another outstanding app that lets you select from approx 60 painting brushes to choose from, dividing them into 6 sets named, markers, wax crayons, graphite pencils, basic shapes, air brushes, and oil paint. Use them in whoever form you want, whether wet, dry, or with (out) an eraser. You might get stunned just by looking at the oil paint brush, but hold on, because the blending effects are even more breathtaking. Surprisingly, this app requires no manual, or handbook to learn things, because whether you are a beginner, mediocre user, or an expert, you will be able to grasp things all by yourself. Graze your canvas with a bit of a pressure to have subtle blurry effects, or use stronger pressure to have colorful effects uplifting your canvas.

Get started with an iPad Pro and Pencil right away

Get rid of traditional paper and pencil, to sketch across your drawings, taking ample time to complete, with many iterations to follow. Having an iPad Pro and Pencil, will make you, sketch things on an electronic device, with no pressure points or latency, giving you a sense of ease and comfort. Reap optimum benefits of palm rejection technology, not letting your hands disturb your sketches. You might think that a paper and pencil work endlessly in an absence of a battery, unlike an iPad Pro and Pencil, requiring a battery to run. However, iPad Pro does an impressive job running for an entire day, and still have 50% battery to spare. While a Pencil works for half an hour, by charging it for a mere 15 seconds.

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