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Expand Your eCommerce Reach With Facebook Mobile Advertisements

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Mobile and Facebook – these two terms are an important part of our daily life. All of us would certainly agree to it. It has been estimated that around 680 million people connect with Facebook through their mobile phones. Well, that’s a huge number. No wonder Facebook mobile has witnessed a huge growth in today’s market and the majority of the retailers are leveraging Facebook mobile all across the world. There is no reason as why they should not use Facebook as a vital business tool that can offer innumerable and tantalizing audiences to the retailers.

But the question is how committed are the marketers to the mobile eCommerce opportunity on Facebook? The extent is indefinite. The retailers are embracing this opportunity as critical to engage their audiences. But how? It is through Facebook advertisements which are hitting a new height. Approximately, 20% of the Facebook advertising revenue is generated through mobile. So why not the retailers leverage this social network to find and acquire the potential consumers? Facebook mobile advertising strategies allow retailers to engage their audiences and obtain tangible results.

What can you expect if you consider Facebook mobile advertising?

Surprisingly too many things beneficial for your online business-

  • You can find and acquire the purchasing members and fans
  • Efficiently promote any personalized offer
  • Drive traffic to your mobile and online store
  • Experience the mobile click-through rates that are higher as compared to desktops
  • Establish a database of customers for future marketing initiatives and responses

I am sure with this synopsis, you want to look forward to make Facebook mobile advertising a part of your eCommerce venture. But at this juncture you are not sure of how to proceed further. So, if you want to master in the Facebook mobile advertisement I will show you some of the best tricks that you can adhere to. Take a look at them:

Find those audiences who look like your best customers

Make a list of customers to analyse what they have in common so that you can them your ads. This is an effective way to acquire profitable customers. As Facebook provides a comprehensive picture of combinations of characteristics it can help you to determine who see your ads and who ignore them completely. An insight into the customer profile gives marketers the ability to showcase their ads to a specific group of audiences.

It is best to target the broad keyword sets such as shopping, fashion or retail goods. However, sometimes, it is wise to run after the untargeted ads to capture the attention of the broader audiences. Now the question lies” what should you target”?


  1. Gender
  2. Age
  3. Education
  4. Relationship status
  5. Location
  6. New job


  1. Fashion
  2. Sports
  3. Technology
  4. Games
  5. Music
  6. Pages liked

Recently, Facebook has released two new targeting options for mobile app developer- Wi-Fi targeting and operating system version targeting to drive app downloads.

Build a cordial relationship with your existing customers

While you look for the new customers do not forget about the existing ones. Do not try but definitely expand a warm and strong relationship with your present customers through Facebook’s custom audience feature. Start uploading certain information such as phone number, Facebook user ID or email. This information can be used to target the existing customers.

Bid with improved CPM

Optimized CPM based on CPI goals work effectively for Facebook mobile because of higher click-through and conversion rates. Enhanced CPM work as an incentive to set your goal and target your ads to specific audiences. However, to manage the process of optimizing the CPM bidding it requires the integration of the Facebook SDK or strategic Preferred Market Developer partners. Also it is important to consider the size of the audience segment and the budget of your advertisements. Higher budget of your advertisements can drive higher volume.

Create ads specific to Facebook mobile

Here is where you need to implement your creativity that would work best on this platform. You should learn as how to design mobile ads to drive more traffic to your site-

  • As per the Facebook’s policies, images should contain less than 20% text
  • The study shows that Facebook shoppers respond to call-to-action that offer discount within a specific timeframe. Therefore, timely feature offer in your CTA
  • To grab the attention of the users makes use of highly-polished images such as a person wearing a product, the front and back shot of a product works the best
  • Keep your images contextual to your targeting. For instance, show cosmetics or shades to those segments of users who have shown interest in accessories
  • Refresh click-through-rates and action-rates every few days as they can drop significantly if the same creative is continued with the same audiences for than a week
  • Most importantly, always test new style and layout to get a sense of what works and reverberates with different types of targeted audiences.

Measure and perfect your outcomes

As a retailer you will gradually find that Facebook can be your effective channel with spends at large volume. Therefore, if you measure some key metrics it can help you fetch a refined outcome-

  • Keep a track of how much you spend to ensure that all the expectations are met
  • Track the number of actions in your campaign as that will allow you to heighten your spend to the most efficient parts of the day, week and month
  • Be aware of your conversion rate in order to benchmark your campaign. If you establish a benchmark, you can allocate additional spend to any particular campaign that meet your goal
  • Understand a few metrics such as ROI, total spend and expected lifetime value forecasting to accurately predict the future performance of your campaign.

Make the most of the Facebook mobile advertisements to deliver effective results against your goal.

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