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Essential Tech For Webmasters And Search Optimizers

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If you’re a website owner or a search optimizer then you and I have something in common. Obviously we share a career choice, so chances are we probably have similar interests and skills. If nothing else our careers unite us, and that means that something I find useful for work, you will probably find useful for work to. And the thing I find most useful for work? Technology.

Here I’m going to do a quick recap of the technology – hardware and software – that I’ve found indispensable for my online work, some of which you may not have heard of or considered purchasing. Read on and chances are you’ll discover some tech that can help you to work better and faster – and there’s a good chance you’ll also find it pretty cool seeing as we share these things in common.

The Main Set Up

Just to cover our bases, the first thing you need to ensure is that you have the basics for a good IT set up. This means you’re going to need a good computer, for which I recommend an ultrabook in terms of convenience/portability and in terms of power under the hood. On top of that I highly recommend the Nexus 7 tablet – 7 inches is highly convenient, and the Android operating system just beats iOS hands down in terms of flexibility and functionality.

Of course you’ll also want a phone, and for this I’m going to recommend the Galaxy Note 2. This phone is a powerhouse of a thing, and the stylus is actually very useful. You’ll find yourself finding excuses to write your notes instead of typing them seeing as it’s faster and more fun, but with the right design app this can also be a great tool for drawing great images.

Android Apps and Hardware

Now to kit your Android devices out to the max. First of all if you took my advice and have a Galaxy Note, then I recommend Sketchpad Pro  which is a fully kitted out drawing/design app.

Meanwhile another app I highly recommend is Multiscreen Multitasking which gives you a range of functions that can run in resizable windows that you can drag around the screen (like Windows for PC).  While the Note 2 comes with basic split screen multitasking options, this will give you more functions like the ability to open two web browsers at once – or three even – and the Nexus 7 will benefit from it even more.

And if you want to show off to your friends even more, then I also recommend Splashtop Viewer  highly which is an app that lets you view your PC monitor and interact with it from your tablet. On a fast connection this is like running Windows on your tablet essentially. Great for downloading remotely and browsing files/coding in bed, but also pretty handy for scaring friends. It’s also worth checking out their other apps – you can play games this way too and turn your computer/tablet connection into an interactive whiteboard type thingy…

In terms of hardware make sure you have a kickstand and then invest in a small Bluetooth keyboard and portable mouse with micro USB > USB Connector. This way you can use your mouse and keyboard as though your tablet was a PC.


Other tech I highly recommend includes Windows 8 for PC which does add more layers of use and means you’ll be up-to-date with your software support. Then there’s the humble notepad and pen which I’ve found has transformed my efficiency thanks to the to-do lists, the note taking capabilities and the ease of access. Sometimes the classics are still the best!

What tech do you recommend?

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