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Electricity Apps to Track your Usage

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There is an application designed for your mobile devices for everything that you need. Energy consumption is no exception. There are numerous different apps available in the App Store, or on Google Play. Most of them will not only help you monitor and save on electricity, but on water, gas, solar and wind power, etc. Anything that has a meter attached to it can be monitored with the apps listed below.


1) Smappee-

This is one of the most common applications for droid and iOS usage. It is a free app that uses a sensor attached to your fuse box to monitor all your usage. This device can dig down all the way into your appliance usage and show you information on what is consuming energy and how much it is using. It is easy to install with the included clamps or coils. Detailed instructions are also included with the sensor to ensure it is all hooked up correctly.

2) Energy Consumption Analyzer-

This app works on all droid devices. It is a free application that allows the user to monitor anything that has a meter. Each device can have a specific color to allow you quick access to the correct category when looking up your usage numbers. There is no set time when you need to put in the meter numbers. When it is convenient for you the numbers are entered and by using two of your entries the application will analyze and calculate consumption amounts by the day, week, and month. It gives you bar graphs so you can see how your usage fluctuates. This app will connect to your cloud account to help you save and monitor the information provided.

3) Energy Cost Calculator-

This one is only available for iOS operating systems. It allows you to enter the numbers into the app, when convenient, and then it calculates your numbers. Your usage amounts will be based off how much you use per hour, and how long per day that the power usage is high. It will give you a detailed breakdown of cost and consumption, and it will show electricity comparison amounts per day, week, month, and year.

4) Meter Reading-

This is another application that is designed for use with iOS systems. It is free to use but it does have in app purchase options. This software can keep track of up to nine different systems. It has an interface that allows easy entry of meter numbers. Each one can be color coded for ease of tracking and access. It has a built-in reminder system so you can enter the numbers from the meter at set times. With these numbers it will show you usage graphs for the day, week, month, quarter, and year. The app imports numbers from the previous year so you can compare them. You can easily export the information from the app to a spreadsheet to make it possible for you to print the information out.

5) Energy Tracker-

This is another app that is free but has in-application purchase options. It is designed solely for iOS systems. It allows you to monitor more than one meter by inputting the numbers and color coding each one. It analyzes the numbers put into the application and will show you amounts for the hour, day, week, month, quarter, and year. It crunches the information and will give you a detailed report about usage, trends, and it will show you tips on how to lower your consumption.

6) Consumptions-

This is an app designed to be used on iOS mobile devices. You can type in the meter reading numbers into it and track your usage month to month. It does not matter what type of meter you are trying to keep track of. The app even allows you to add more than one meter, and it will display the information on a chart so that you can easily find what you are looking for.

7) EcoBee Smart Thermostat-

You will have to install this thermostat in the place of your old one for this app to work. Once it is wired in and your mobile device is connected through the app, you will be able to control the temperature settings from anywhere. This can save you a ton of money overall because there is no reason for the heat to be cranked when the house is empty. You can always turn it up a brief time before you are headed home to ensure that it is at a comfortable level by the time that you do get home.

8) EyeOnWater-

This application can be used on any type of mobile operating system. It is specifically used to track water consumption. It connects directly to your water utility account and analyzes all the monthly information. It is a fantastic way to find areas that will save you money, as well as the possibility of a leak from somewhere in the lines.


There are many more applications that can be found if you do a quick search through the App Store, or Google Play Store. It is a great idea to use an application to help monitor and lower consumption amounts. The United States Department of Energy claims that the average household could save 25% by following simple energy saving tips. This is a total savings cost of $2,200 per year. With the applications above it is a snap to check your amounts and find ways to save on consumption and lower your monthly electricity bill.

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