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Review of SciURLs (Science News Aggregator)

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It’s the science era! Everything we know about the world is thanks to science. In the past, science access was limited, but now science is available to everyone, and people can have free access to universal knowledge. In a way, scientific knowledge is now a must for every person, from a layman to an engineer to a true scientist. Science has now become a need of every person. The best benefit gets if all the latest and updated science research are easily accessible to every person. SciURLs is the platform that can provide free everyone to go to different places and sites and learn about modern science. is a neat little science news aggregator that provides all the science content in a single place to every science lover. Once an hour, it collects data from the top 30 world-class websites and blogs. This data includes science news titles, papers, and videos. It’s great because it retains the collected science data and makes it also quickly searchable. Not only that, it saves time as you don’t need to go to different websites and blogs to get the latest scientific information. Also, it’s free, and you don’t have to pay a membership fee. SciURLs is very useful to everyone – students, researchers, scientists, engineers, and regular people. It is the best tool for every person who wants to be in contact with science.

Search Bar

SciURLs has a search bar at the top of the homepage. It works for searching and quickly finding the desired science content.

You can enter one or more keywords that you are looking for, such as “Sun” to search for news about the Sun (star) or enter “coffee” to find coffee-related science news. When you enter your query, click the search button, and the results will appear in no time. They will be displayed in a popup layer in less than a second. It works just like a regular search engine.

Old Content

The world is growing very fast, and scientific searches are done every day. The science news is trending at one time and then disappears from the scene in a few days. But, some people want to learn about that outdated or previous information. Keeping this thing in mind SCIURLs managed old content or information that is easily accessible for the visitors of this site. It is a plus factor about this site that it stores old content along with the new content. The old content might be a week, a year, or even multiple years old. You can choose time and date for search separately below the search engine. For quick access, you can select stories that are a day older, a week older, or a month old.

Single Platform for All Science News

In our opinion, SciURLs is a single platform for all science news. It has an attractive and friendly design, the search works quickly, the site is updated 24 times per day, and the old content gets stored for possible later retrieval. It’s a great choice for science lovers or simply for people who want to be looped in with science. It provides the world’s best site information in one place and facilitates its users.

Data Collection

As mentioned above, SciURLs collects information and data from the top science sites. The newest story titles are available every hour, and the older stories are added to the searchable index. The data sources include the following top sites:

  • Nature
  • Scientific American
  • Aeon
  • IEEE Spectrum
  • Quanta Magazine
  • Science Daily
  • Science Magazine
  • Medium Science
  • Reddit Science

Every site is placed in its own block, and the blocks are arranged in a grid with three blocks per row. You can scroll each block down to find older stories. When you click the “month” link in a block, all stories from the last month are returned. Everyone can get access to every type of science data, and it is easily manageable.

Preference Over Other Sites

Recent reviews history from the Visitors and science lovers reveals many facts about the preference for using SciURLs. About 99% are satisfied with this site, and they provide their opinions to the author, and it helps the author provide visitors a great quality site. It is easy to use, and everyone can use it without any particular skill of using it. Best search quality help people find relevant content in no time. Old content on SciURL is also much beneficial for science lovers and students. Customers recommend it to their near and dear ones, and the number of visitors is increasing day by day, and suggestions from the visitor help author to improve their design and way of working. In fact, It is a small science engine that covers a lot of science data in it and provided help to millions of people.

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