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How to Start an Online Language Learning Website Like Babbel

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As the world is becoming increasingly globalized, multilingualism has become more than just “important”. Its advantages are mushrooming and having able to speak and understand multiple languages is now perhaps the most useful and real-world skill to ever exist. However, the process of language learning sometimes becomes so tiresome that people simply give up on the idea of becoming polyglots. While some learners are looking for effective ways of learning a new language, some businesses have already gone online to impart language learning.

The online language learning market is growing at a rapid pace. The market was valued at USD 12.49 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 25.73 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 10.2% from 2020 to 2027. There are a number of market players who are already on the path to change the way of language learning. Verbling, Italki, Preply, and Babbel are some of the leading platforms empowering people to enhance their language skills.

How Do Online Language Learning Platforms Like Babbel Work?

Although the working of each platform is a bit different from the other, all work with a common goal of imparting language learning. Let’s have a closer look at the business model of a language learning platform like Babbel:

The audience of these platforms is those who are concerned to learn a new language and do not want to spend a huge amount for a regular language learning course or the ones who wish to educate new languages to the learners. Users can register and choose to take over any role from the two; learner and tutor. Once a user signs up as a learner, he/she can search for teachers using filters and can book a teacher as per his/her language preference.

After making the payment, the learner can schedule the class with the selected tutor. The payment made by the learner goes to the admin of the platform, which is transferred to the tutor after the commission deduction. Most of the online learning platforms follow this approach; however, there could be some minor differences in some platforms.

Key Features to Look for in an Online Language Learning Platform

As the competition is growing at a steady rate, every business owner wants to make sure his business stands out. Let’s have a look at the key attributes that ensure better traffic and engagement of a language learning platform.

Interactive Dashboard:

Having an interactive dashboard on a language learning interface is a great way to convey important and relevant information. It lets users access training content as per their needs as well as keep a close eye on their performance.

Multiple Teaching Methods:

A language learning platform should have multiple ways of imparting knowledge like live sessions, private classes, video recordings, etc. so that learners can choose his/her preferred way(s).

Search, Filter, & Sort Tutors:

Learners should have the option to search, filter, and sort the tutors as per their preferences. They should be able to search the tutors by keyword or language and then filter them by their hourly rates, availability, gender, age, etc. Learners should also have the ability to sort the teachers by the lowest/highest price, rating, experience, etc.

Tutor Profile & Booking Trial Session:

The language learning platform should have tutor profiles for each tutor that contains general information of the tutor including experience, career achievements, rating, availability calendar, a demo video, etc. to have a clear understanding of the tutor. Learners should also be able to book a trial session with the tutor to better understand the tactics and techniques of the tutor.

Adding Courses:

Tutors should have permission to add a new course/language into the platform if they wish to teach it to the learners.

Video Conferencing:

Besides messages and chat, one important way of communication between learners and tutors in a language learning platform is video conferencing. It enhances learning as well as teaching experience.


The feature of notification/reminder to the tutor as well as the learners for their scheduled classes is a significant feature in any language learning platform.

Multiple/Secure Payment Methods:

Any online language learning platform should consist of multiple and secure payment methods to make sure various demographics can be served.

Final Thoughts

Now when you are aware of all the key elements of an online language learning portal, one thing that you may be worried about would be whether to choose a readymade solution for your business or go for custom development from scratch. Choosing the right solution is not an easy task and there are several things that are taken into consideration. Readymade solutions are considered suitable, flexible, and a convenient option if you are planning to launch your business instantly with minimum hassle.

Also, the development time and cost of a readymade solution is much less than developing a solution from scratch. Yo!Coach is one such readymade solution that can be used to build a feature-rich online language learning marketplace. Being a fully customizable solution, it gives you the freedom to customize your platform as per your requirements and market trends. It is designed to cover all the aspects of efficient language learning and helping you stay ahead of the competition.

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