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Developing Mobile Apps: The Imperative Aspect of Mobile App Marketing

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Today, the mobile app marketplace has become extremely competitive as well as saturated. According to recent statistics, the worldwide mobile app downloads amounted to approximately 2.52 billion. This figure is expected to reach around 268.69 billion in 2017. According to figures available in 2010, the earnings of mobile apps provider amounted to around 6.8 billion dollars.

Thus, you will see how difficult it could be to stand out in this marketplace. However, by utilizing simple mobile marketing apps, it could be easy to market your mobile app and make a big impact for your mobile app marketing efforts.

Developing Mobile Apps: The Imperative Aspect of Mobile App Marketing

Mobiles – Present Day

In the present circumstances, consumers are reaching out for their mobile phones more often than their desktop computers. Therefore, mobile devices have become the source for research as well as shopping and even conducting business. Thus, the need for mobile marketing is much greater than internet marketing in the traditional sense presently.

Actually, the need for mobile marketing is even higher than ever. Brands are discovering that the desktop has taken a backseat when it comes to browsing and even purchasing from the Internet. Briefly, brands are rushing to achieve success in a changing landscape and some may not be able to make it.

Optimizing the web presence for Mobile

You need to optimize your web presence for mobile. Google is now favoring websites that can make a mobile presence, hence make sure that your website along with your email platform and blog is optimized for the mobile presence. While developing and releasing an app, it is essential that you think and breathe mobile and get involved in the mobile market to stay relevant in the industry.

Look at some relevant facts. Today, nearly 99% of the users access mobile for content as well as information while 15% make purchases from mobile. Besides, 63% of the uses access their internet from mobile, while around 62% access email from mobile. These numbers show an increasing trend for the upcoming future.

Without mobile devices, the existing sales may not have taken place. Many customers today research products on the web before going for in-person purchases. Thus, mobile users are more likely to convert into positive buyers than any other segment of your target audience.

Commencing with your mobile app marketing efforts

Thus, you could start your mobile app marketing efforts by posting about your mobile app in various popular blog posts, giving a press release and obtaining press coverage for your app, or going ahead with a social media-posting plan. These tactics could trigger potential users to at least try out your app and buy it if they feel it is worthwhile.

The major factors that could go in your favor are good app content and an active social media presence. You could be lucky if your app gets rave reviews on social media or even on your own website. It could be even better if the press covers your app favorably, so that your app can positively influence the readers.

Press releases

You can further improve your app marketing efforts with the help of consolidating your app presence through press releases. This will go a long way in improving your credibility as a developer. Try to distribute your press release through all appropriate marketing channels in a targeted and specific manner. This will help your apps to reach a wider audience.

Local Search

By utilizing all available social channels, you will also tap in to users who use social media largely. Also, try to include local search, if possible. This will help your app gain more success. Such mobile app marketing efforts will lead to a better credibility and awareness about your mobile app. You also stand a chance to gain new users with this app. However, there are more ways of increasing the probability of marketing your app so that you gain more users. Online marketing is taking the world by storm.

Social Media

With a range of social media sites gaining prominence such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, G+, Pinterest, and many more, it has become easier to get in touch with global audience in no time. There are a wide range of social media interactive tools integrated to help you with your advertising initiatives such as post, like, comment, share, follow, and tweet. In addition, you have option to join groups, and communities, having members with similar interests. You can even create your own profile and business pages to be marketed directly.

Email Marketing

Other than that, another popular phenomenon is email marketing wherein you send thousands of opt in emails in bulk to your subscribers or potential customers. Hence, chances that your products or services are seen increases tremendously.

The best part about email marketing is, you are promoting your new products or services to people who already have subscribed to your offerings or are already interested to hear from you about latest happenings. So, what does that mean? Well, you have already won half of the battle and the other half if relevant products or services offered. It is probably the most effective form of online marketing that you can come across with maximum probability of gaining sales or conversions.

Whatever channel you might opt for, what really matters is your mobile app is seen by most people on App Stores. More importantly, your app should have a tendency to solve problems in the simplest way possible. If both these conditions are fulfilled, then there is no reason for you to worry!


A shift to mobile and high prevalence of mobile apps has many implications for B2B as well as B2C arenas. While B2C is slightly ahead of B2B in terms of user experience and customer satisfaction, the B2B sector is fast catching up. You need to comprehend that you might offer a variety of goods as well as services, but it is imperative for you to offer a mobile-friendly experience to your customers.

Finally, the trend seems to be moving away from Internet marketing in the broad sense to mobile app marketing, due to the tectonic shift in users’ preferences from desktop to mobile.

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