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Developing For the Iphone: A Passion That Exceeds Boundaries

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The iPhone is a savvy multimedia phone that is designed as well as marketed by Apple Inc. Released in 2007, it has been the centre of attraction for tech-savvy people all around the world. Those who love multimedia in their palms have literally gone bonkers for this phone. With its several features and its multimedia and internet capability, it has become the much touted innovation of the 21st century.

The craze for the iPhone

The craze for the iPhone can be gauged by the fact that Apple sold 74.5 million iPhones during 2014 Q4. More and more applications are being developed for the iPhone, and it can be seen for oneself that although so many apps have already been downloaded, people are clamoring for more. In today’s world, iPhone simply rocks.

By Q3 of 2014, Apple has garnered an 11.9% share in the worldwide market. As the popularity of Apple and iPhone apps increases, so does the popularity of apps development for this popular phone increase day-by-day.

Today, many companies are involved in outsourcing apps development to agencies which especially focus on the iPhone, so that they can grab the opportunity to earn a better market share with these smartphones.

Latest iOS releases help Development for iOS Applications

In the recent years, it is quite notable that the iPhone has reached the heights of fame. With the launch of iPhone 6, the iPhone’s fame has reached its zenith presently. Today, along with the iPhone 6, come the mobile operating systems – iOS 6, iOS 7, and even the iOS 8, which come loaded with several hundred features. This has indeed made it the most famed software upgrade for the iPhone. Many companies have emerged in the market, which have hired experienced and expert apps development for the iphone.

Since the iPhone is so popular, many companies and programmers have moved in to the fray to create catchy and trendy apps for users. It can be said with definite certainty that iPhone dominates the Smartphone market today. Today, with the right iPhone app, you can open up the entire potential of the iPhone to meet even the most complicated of your requirements.

Why Apps Development for the iphone – Some Advantages

Here’s why the apps development for this phone is already hugely popular across the world:

  • iPhone Development is a huge and lucrative market, because apps development companies can afford to make iPhone apps at much lower costs than what their costs ordinarily are. Hence, the popularity of application development, especially for the iPhone is increasing constantly.
  • With better resources available all across the globe such as talented developers and easily affordable staff, it is now easier to hire skilled developers easily.
  • Also, it costs less to set up resources for the development processes. Higher revenue for investment is generated by the apps development processes.
  • It is therefore very profitable for apps development companies to build iPhone apps. A number of web-development companies are now in the business of building iPhone apps.
  • The best part of iPhone apps development is that apps developers can place their products in the iPhone apps store, so they already have a market for their apps.
  • The only pre-condition is that these apps should maintain their quality and remain marketable to Apple’s audience.

iOS SDK and Apps Development – Some More Advantages

Using the iOS SDK is advantageous for apps development because of various features that come along with it:

  • Application Development for the iphone today has become easier, since the iOS SDK is available free for download. Any developer can create as well as market applications using the SDK on the Apple store.
  • The best part about the iOS SDK is that it comes packed with several tools that are required for advanced iPhone apps development. These days, it is easy to hire services of a prolific developer to transform your business idea into an application.
  • iPhone apps can be used by their owners for a number of purposes. These include performing a wide spectrum of business tasks or even as simple as playing a game.

The world of apps takes you far beyond the world of simply calling and messaging. Due to the wide range of benefits offered by the iPhone, it is now emerged as the most favored platforms for applications development.

How iPhone Streamlines Apps Development – What Negativity Can Affect It

In order to streamline applications processing, Apple has laid down certain rules for applications development.

  • For example, no two applications can run simultaneously if both these applications are imperative.
  • In case the developer is working on one application, but needs data from another application, it is imperative for the other app to close before the desired data can be accessed.
  • Additionally, third-party applications cannot be run in the back ground. This means that a chat needs to be closed before a phone call can be attended to.

Yes, it is true that the iPhone has its own limitations, but its shortcomings have not led to its downfall. Rather, this phone is riding all glory and the number of apps in the Apple apps store is in the millions. The benefits of the iPhone therefore far outweigh its disadvantages or limitations.

Hence, people are all gung-ho after the iPhone and are leaving no stone upturned to own one. With the launch of the ioS7 and the latest iPhone 6 series of the iPhone, many people are now upgrading to the latest version that is loaded with all the necessary and desired features.

iPhone is the all popular smart phone and the popularity of the phone has always skyrocketed since it was first launched. Hence, with apps development, you get to market your idea to millions of people including top businesses and organizations heads all around the world.


To conclude, several apps experts build customized apps with the help of the right tools to explore the infinite possibilities offered by the iOS platform. They go in for various tactics such as:

  • attractive UI integration,
  • push notifications that allow for customized reminder messages in real time,
  • in-apps purchase which includes features that allow for users to purchase rewards, add-ons, and upgrades via iTunes,
  • REST API integration which enables 3rd party services available to users over the customized apps,
  • embedded iAD – rich media ad integration into your app,
  • and finally online and offline and online data sync, are the advanced and hip features of iOS apps development today, thus making it the perfect recipe for enterprise success today.

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