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Dedicated Server or VPS Server: Top Factors to Consider in 2016

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It’s totally impossible to abjure the need of web hosting due to increased competition and pressure on bottom lines. It is not even surprising as there are more than 4.54 billion web pages on the worldwide web today. This is why many businesses try to find the best hosting solutions for their website. But, they usually get flustered seeing the nuances of web hosting servers.

In 2016, it’s more complicated to decide on the right hosting type because the online market is becoming so ubiquitous that only the smart entrepreneurs will be able to keep up the game. Most of you ask how to become smart when it comes to Internet hosting options. So, what is the key?

The answer is ideas that just don’t exist, but you have to create them and when it’s about web hosting options, choosing between two different options will be like a quiz – if you know a bit about the two – Dedicated Server or VPS Server, you can make a correct decision.

Dedicated Hosting Server vs. VPS Hosting Server

Discussing a few fundamental questions may help clear all your doubts, such as “Is dedicated hosting worth more?”, “Are dedicated servers is the best option?”, “Can a website actually work well on a VPS server?” In addition, we’ll also discuss how your business helps you to decide on hosting services. By the end, you’ll be able to understand about which of the web-hosting technologies is the right choice for your own particular website.

What actually is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is for your sole use. The entire physical server space is dedicated to your site, and you’re no longer sharing resources with anyone else. When you purchase it, you’re free to do whatever you want with the server – this includes the authority to:

  • Maintain the hardware resources
  • Managing the storage space
  • Monitor the server as you like

Is a VPS Server similar to a Shared Server?

VPS server is shared among many users, which means you’re sharing core web server configuration with other users. The performance of a VPS hosting server is much better than shared hosting type, and you’ve complete access to run anything you want on your website. Meaning your site will get hosted on a virtual machine that’s also hosting other sites, but you’ll hardly come to know about this sharing of resources because hosting providers keep your VPS server separate from the other virtual servers those shares:

  • Processors
  • Memory
  • Storage
  • Bandwidth

Now let’s look at some noticeable differences:


Most of e-commerce and business websites require memory-intensive server applications that can convert graphics or videos in real time, run big data-style analytics, or handle many encrypted sessions with end users. So, for all this you may want the extra memory space, and that’s where you must consider configuration when choosing between dedicated server and VPS options. Web hosting company in India offer its largest VPS with 3.5 GB of RAM, whereas the lowest package of dedicated server comes with 4 GB of RAM. So, the complete picture is crystal clear and helps you better decide which option is appropriate for your endeavors.


You should also know about network bandwidth space and physical storage differences between a VPS server and a dedicated server. The storage space and bandwidth are shared with all of the other virtual servers, and dedicated servers have complete ownership of bandwidth. Likewise, all of the processing power, memory, storage, and bandwidth are in your control that impact performance. The performance of a VPS server depends on the resource utilization of all the other virtual machines on that physical server.


It’s clear now that the bandwidth and performance are the attributes of a dedicated server, but when it comes to the flexibility that’s the factor where VPS server rules. One of the notable benefits of a VPS is the ease to make changes to its physical configuration without any expert help or assistance. In contrast, to make changes to a dedicated server, you require assistance, and that is why it’s more complex to manage changes, and it’s more expensive as well.


The price of a VPS server is far less than a dedicated server. Even, the price is the most noticeable difference between these two hosting types. For your ease, giving here an example to explain the different in price, the least expensive dedicated Linux server cost much higher than the most expensive Linux-based VPS server even with identical configurations. On this parameter, a VPS server is a good choice as you only need to pay what you use on a monthly basis and never pay for anything extra.

A Quick Preview of the Dedicated & VPS Hosting Benefits:

dedicated server vs VPS

Is Looking At Your Business Requisites a Good Idea?

Yes, you must consider a hosting account only & only according to your business requirements. For instance, a dedicated server is a perfect choice for sites that receive a significant amount of traffic and have major applications, just like an e-commerce site that will receive a lot of traffic. Here, you’ll require the powerful performance, advanced security and management capabilities that all comes with a dedicated server hosting.

On the other hand, a VPS server is good for a smaller company that has multiple WordPress blogs, or significant document or image storage. For these, virtual private servers may be the better option for your limited budget.

In a Nutshell

Based on given points it is easy to decide that both of these options provide benefits and features. However, users have to analyze different reasons & requirements in choosing one of them that might be a little complex. That’s why differences mentioned in this article help you to make a right choice.

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