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Connected Sky: The Growing Trend Of In-flight WiFi

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In recent times, we can hardly think of any day, or even a moment, without the internet. We need it all the while. From home to office, from personal to professional jobs, and irrespective of the dimension of the task – internet is necessary for almost everything. And with every passing day, the ways through which people use the internet is fast changing. The advent of wifi, for example, has helped mobilize the process of internet usage. It is a process through which you can remain connected to the internet while on the move.

Airlines Introducing Wifi to Change the Scene

Even when usage of wifi is fast becoming a norm, there still remain a few hitches as well. Even a few years back, we did not have the connections while on a flight. The situation is fast changing though. And the use of internet, even the high-speed ones, in-flight has been on the rise over the last few years. Many of the airlines offer passengers the chance of using the internet on their devices. While some of them come free of cost, there are also a few others, which are charged for use. However, it has been noticed that if the performance of the wifi is good enough, people are ready to pay an amount of money to get the services as well.

Decreases Boredom, Increases Productivity

Wifi in-flight is important – not only because it helps to do away with the boredom of doing almost nothing for the hours you are onboard, but also because it helps to increase your productivity. Previously, boarding a flight meant you would not be able to work via the internet for the next few hours. This, of course, had an impact on the overall productivity of the company. However, the scenario has changed. With the introduction of wifi-supported internet on flights, it is now easy to carry the office with you, even when you are travelling on a plane. Thus, it ensures that travelling will not affect the productivity.

Strengthens Security While in Air

Wifi on planes has also been used for other purposes. Security is a major issue on flights these days. The introduction of wifi on the flights has played a major role in helping the airlines to beef up the security to a certain amount. However, there have still been mishaps. And the latest among them, the disappearance of the Malaysian flight MH370, is expected to drive airlines companies to deploy more stringent wifi management tools for security on flights.

Offers Multiple Options to Choose from

Many companies across the globe are engaged in the development of wifi technology, specifically for flights. This is giving rise to a serious competition between the different manufacturers. It is also driving the flight companies in a dilemma regarding the providers of the equipment that they need to choose. However, this is also a good sign, as the users will have multiple options. Moreover, the competition will lead the equipment providers to offer better products to stay ahead of the other companies. This is likely to ensure that the users will get the best equipment, which will help to create a better user experience.

Wifi for Multiple Utilities

From enjoying Live TV to do away with the boredom of the flight to utilizing the internet to ensure that they remain productive even while on the go, in-flight internet can offer multiple experiences to the passengers. A large number of airlines across the world are employing wifi to provide the internet services to enhance user experience. It is becoming popular with every passing day, both among the airlines as well as with the users. The airlines are trying to include it as another service to the passengers and are also trying to earn revenues from it. The passengers, on the other hand, are using it to remain connected and productive even while flying.

Not all airlines are already providing in-flight wifi services. In fact, it is a growing trend. Hence, the majority of the airlines are yet to have the amenities for deploying wifi. However, most of the major flight companies are soon expected to deliver these services to their passengers. The primary objective is to enhance passenger experience and, at the same time, earn revenues out of it.

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