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Key Benefits Of Cloud-Based HR Solution

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Whether searching for an HR software or analyzing for the upgrade of your existing software, there is a list of ” to do” like visiting vendors’ websites, review ratings and more, there can be numerous questions arising in the user’s mind like What if the software you purchased is not much suitable to the scalability of the organization? What if the software does not have advanced features? What if the software does not provide customizability and integration of modules? We present you the checklist that will help you with the essential criteria to keep in mind while selecting the best HR software.

Is the software on-premise or cloud-based?

Let us start with one of the essential criteria for selecting software. On-premise software is installed locally on the companies’ computers and servers, whereas vendors host the cloud-based software on their server. The cloud-based software is more beneficial for the company than the on-premise software as cloud-based software facilitates you with any time & anywhere accessibility, high level of security and scalability.

Are employees facilitated with employee self-service portal?

Let the employees help themselves by using the employee self-service portal. Managers can save a lot of time by giving employees the access to self-service portal wherein they can OnBoard themselves, fill up personal information and upload the various document. They can also view their payroll and attendance history. The manager can also allow the employee to enter the time sheets consisting of the work hours’ details. Further, integrating it with payroll for making salary calculations easy and fast would be a great solution to the manager’s prolonged tasks.

Is the software providing a recruitment module?

Recruitment had been a time-consuming process. It consists of job requisitions, job description, job posting, applicant evaluation and much more. What if your job post reached only some talent? Will you be able to get the enough qualified applicant for the job efficiently? If you are following old procedures for the recruitment, the answer to the above question is NO. By making your recruitment process digital, you can empower your company to reach out to a more number of talent globally and get a well-qualified talent through the job posting. Digitizing the recruitment process also enables the manager to keep a track on the applicant’s current stage in the recruitment process, notify the applicant about the recruitment and send job offering letter.

Is the software providing advanced modules?

Evaluation of the employees is necessary for the development of the organization and employees. Performance Management enables the managers to assist the performance of the employees and identify the underperformer to take appropriate actions. The organization can set its policies for Goal Management. Based on goals achieved the software can automatically calculate KRA/KPI as per the Goal Management policy. The managers must take the reviews based on KRA/KPI for the better planning of Goal Management. The organization must also get timely feedback from the employees and managerial staff for the overall betterment of the organization.

Does software provide Hardware and software integration?

The integration of the Payroll Module with the Attendance Module can lower the effort to insert the data separately in both the modules an also reduce the errors drastically. It eases up the task of calculating the exact salary directly from the integrated Attendance module. It decreases the maintenance effort, cost reduction and eases the update process. To add “cherry on the top” integrate the biometric devices directly with the Attendance module making it wholly integrated, easily accessible and instantly updateable without the prone to errors and duplicate data.

Is the software featuring mobile-based GPS attendance?

The use of mobile technology is increasing, and so are the features. Using software that facilitated GPS based attendance enabled the manager to track the In-field employees. GPS provides the exact location of the employee’s starting point, in between points and ending points. The mobile-based application also enables both In-field and On-premise employees to “Punch In” and “Punch Out” from the device. The employer can also restrict the employee to punch out of the defined “Geo Fence” area. Further, the manager can integrate all this information with the Attendance Module.

Is the software enable with AI-based Query resolver?

It is a tiresome task for hr software to entertain all the repetitive queries of the users all at a time. AI-based query resolver can be a convenient replacement for this task; it is capable of solving all the repetitive queries even all at a time. The manager can feed it up with all the possible frequent questions and its solutions for correct as well as instant answers. It is a great help as it enables the system for 24X7 query solution, cost reduction and immediate responses of numerous users at a time.

If the organization enlists all the features required for the organization, it becomes beneficial for the company to have best-suited software enhancing the organization’s scalability and to unburden various prolonged tasks for the better focus on the essential processes.

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