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Business VoIP: The Future Of Business Communications

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There’s no possible way to overstate the importance of the Internet in the world of business. It has revolutionized the ways we do business and stay in touch with customers and employees alike. Now, long years after email and instant messaging first came about, the Internet is in the process of turning the phone industry on its head.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is set to become one of the most exciting additions to telecommunication technology in recent years. In the simplest terms, VoIP service for the office allows businesses large and small to use their existing high speed Internet connection as a phone line, thereby allowing the company to sever ties with the Phone Company, which is hardly a model of innovation.

So what can VoIP do for your business?

For young companies and start-ups, as well as more established businesses, the most attractive advantage of VoIP will be the savings. VoIP services are nearly always cheaper than a service contract with the Phone Company, which translates to monthly savings.

The installation itself is also a great deal less expensive, and much less intrusive. Traditional phones lines use expensive copper wires that take time to install; not so with VoIP. If your business already has an Internet connection, the hard work is done. Your office phone system should never be a barrier to expansion. With that in mind, your cloud phone system will scale perfectly as your business grows. New employees, or new office locations can be added to your existing VoIP network easily, ensuring that there are no lost profits from downtime.

Innovative Features

VoIP users can also take advantage of quite a few innovations that can enhance the customer experience. VoIP systems are easy to administer and make changes to, meaning that any automated phone menus can change as your business does. You can be assured that calls get where they’re meant to go quickly, cutting down on customer frustration. Furthermore, any computer in the office can be easily used to make changes; no need to call in an IT professional.

Mobile access is another of VoIP’s flagship features. Because VoIP is a cloud-based technology, it can be used on a variety of devices. For example, you can have calls forwarded from the VoIP-enabled phones in your office straight to the smartphone, tablet or laptop of your choice. For a business that relies on sending employees out of the office this can offer a huge advantage.

In addition to simple mobility, the presence of VoIP on your handheld devices also means you can access your voicemail from just about anywhere. What all of this means is that business hours aren’t necessarily over when you leave your desk; with a business VoIP system and you can avoid missing important calls and business opportunities.

VoIP is fast becoming one of the most embraced technologies across all levels of businesses. Communication is key for any kind of long term business success and working with a VoIP based system eradicates a lot of the restricting issues of a traditional phone network. Business VoIP can help to give a company of any size a professional image and approach.

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