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Is Your Business Flying Off With Cloud Technology

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More businesses are using cloud technology to improve the way their companies function. From a brand new, little understood technology to a system used in almost every business in some form, cloud technology has improved business function. Such software has replaced the outdated onsite physical servers and reduced the cost of full service IT departments.

Have you instated a cloud system in your business? If you have, how has it changed how you do business? Are you using the cloud to the fullest potential it has for your company?


One of the key functions of cloud technology is automation. Tasks that were previously handled by manual data entry can now be taken over by the software. Automation improves accuracy and allows more staff to be freed up for other important business functions. When expanding into foreign markets, the software can be programmed to meet the regulations of any country for shipping, currency, and more.

All systems from customer service to shipping can be linked together for better business performance. Automation allows ease in expanding the company’s reach by increasing power on an as needed basis. Adding to the amount of storage, features, and functions is usually based on a tier level provided by the cloud server company. A monthly fee may be charged or a yearly license which will increase if more options are added. The total cost is still less than keeping an entire IT department that will require employees, space, and power use.

Lead Conversion

With the reduction in staff devoted to IT duties, more employees can be devoted to sales. Lead conversion is handled by the automation of cloud software which delivers qualified leads to sales staff. The leads must meet a qualification process programmed into the software.

Cloud software can be accessed by all sales staff at any time, no matter where they are. This works extremely well for staff that are travelling often. Leads can be checked by email or through text alerts delivered to a sales member’s mobile phone.

Data Storage

The most popular use for cloud technology is data storage. By storing data in the cloud you can back up much of your inventory, your hard drives, and customer information. When this information is stored off site it is less likely that sensitive information can be lost through a power outage, storm, or natural disaster. Some business owners may be worried about hacker attacks, but the reality is that most cloud software or cloud servers have far more secure encryption than that placed with on-site servers.

Another security measure is that more than one or two IT employees can access the storage easily. The CEO and advisors can have access, this will allow the reduction of reliance on a single individual for computing service. Cloud storage can be accessed anywhere, so even if the company maintains an IT staff, the staff can access the information and make changes no matter where they are.

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