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12 Apps to Enhance Your Expense Awareness as a Business Owner

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The expenses in business are endless and incredibly diverse. Expense management also happens to be the key to an excellent business planning strategy. Most small businesses feel that they are tied in this unique area where they do not want financial analysts because they do not have enough financial budget or need. But they are also losing too much of their financial records to lack of documentation

They have hired an economic consultant, but as he is only coming in every other day and literature on expenses is still an issue. Well, we have come up with a solution to your problem.

Meet the expense tracking app world and find joy in a quick, painless, and super cheap, if not free, the solution to your problems.

Here are some excellent apps categorized for your convenience.

Finance and Accounting

These are great apps to simplify your finance and accounting issues like taxes, payroll, and other factors. You will sort out the nitty-gritty and get a deeper understanding of where your businesses presently stand.


The app will manage the payroll, tax, and benefits of your company. It is an online employee onboarding system that lists diverse HR purposes simply and effectively. The new hire reporting, worker’s comp payments, state and federal tax filings, deduction of benefits, and digital pay stubs for employees are a few of the useful features of the app.

It is an excellent option if you require a simplified, automated, long-lasting, and substantial solution to all of your human resource related woes.


It is pretty famous already and may not need much of an introduction. It is a highly regarded financial bookkeeping app that allows you to all essential financial commitments in the app. It manages financial statements, profit, and loss reports, tracks unpaid invoices, manages tax deductions effectively, and record payment for your vendors and employees.

The result is that you will have a comprehensive system where the financial commitment you have made will be recorded. You can connect an extended range of accounts like credit cards, PayPal accounts, Square account, and others to the app. It will also allow you to upload data from other sources so that you will have a complete system of your finances.


It is a smaller version of Quick book more suitable for small businesses. You will find that you can create invoices that are custom designed to your brand and can automatically bill clients for recurring invoices. You can also accept credit cards on your mobile with the app, and the app will record the transaction.


It is an accounting software platform that will help manage small businesses, independent contractors, and other forms of marketing with nine or fewer employees.

The app will help in tracking of sales and expenditure and help you manage the customer payments and manage invoices. You will be able to pay employees, and the app will also be useful for scanning receipts and add the data to your central database. The app will give you an extensive accounting report for the finances that you put into the program. It also comes with a mobile invoicing and receipt scanning app that is available on iOS and Androids.

Small Business Communication Apps

These small business apps take you out of the financial circuit and give you more freedom of functionality. Here are the good ones to check out.


It is an app that will help you directories your contacts. The business contacts, friends, and family will all be updated and synced through your devices with the app. You can organize the app into groups and make blast message style messages to entire groups.

There is not any functionality that you will not find in your phonebook, but it is a good app if you want to list your business contacts seriously.


It is a high-quality video conferencing app that will allow you to have online meetings using all kinds of devices and OSs like iPads and tablets. It will give you a great, high- definition video and clear voice. There are many video conferencing apps already available. Still, it has a great result, and if you have remote teams working them, you are going to need a sound system of teleconferencing.


It will send push messages to smartphones and will organize your notes and notifications so that you do not miss any important ones. The app will allow you to send 7500 words every month for free and comes with an unlimited number of notification for Android and iOS devices as well as the laptops.

It is the perfect app to run your business. You can send push messages for your sales or any other announcements you make to your customers, your members, or any other significant groups. That will allow you to stay fresh in the minds of your users.


SLACK is getting pretty famous, and it is a great messaging platform. You can manage team conversations and divide them into private and public channels and send a direct message. You can drag and drop images, PDFs, and many other files in the chat, but that is pretty standard functionality in many of the apps providing the services. It is unique and well regarded because it will allow you to index and archive messages, notifications, and files that the users are working with for better organization.

Business Time Management Apps

When it comes to managing a business, there is a long list of time management apps that are of great help for scheduling business, assignments, and other similar needs. They will keep you and your team right on track and will allow you to focus on your system well.


It will track your time so that you can live a more productive life. Individuals who have a hard time getting off their phone will find the app especially useful. You will be getting alerts from the app when you have spent a preset time on an app so that you can tune out. It will block distracting websites and reduce your activity on websites or social media channels that you want to ween off.

It’s a great way to be more productive, and even if nothing else, it allows you to understand how to manage your time better.


If you liked the Rescue Time, then you will love My Minutes. The app will preset your timetable and will notify you when you have spent too much time on one app. You will be able to manage time better when you see the amount of time you are spending on one app. But the app is only available for iPhones and is not available for iOS androids.


It is a personal task manager for creating projects and organizing tasks into to-do lists. You can work between your devices, and the ap will keep syncing. So, you will not miss any notifications or reminders in between devices.


It will put all of your travel plans into one app. You can set your entire itinerary in one place and review it on any device. You can use the app anywhere to buy a ticket and make other arrangements. You can even forward your travel emails to the app, and it will update accordingly and proceed with the requirements of the email.

The ap can be used to inquire about departure times, delays, view weather reports, and find directions to the airport. It’s a great app if your job requires a lot of travel.


These are a few tips from the top of our heads that we believe would be helpful to you. Of course, there is a need to understand that there is an endless number of apps and software all designed to help a person conduct business online these days.

All you have to do is look with passion, and you will have more apps then you need.

Decide What You Want?

Before you overload your laptop with apps, start a business, and see the apps that you need. The trick is never to assume that the workload is not enough for you to justify an app. It will get out of hand, and things that are run smoothly, run much better than things that are run randomly.

It is useful if you have a sound software system, but it cannot be a fashion statement. It has to be that the apps are actually of benefit to you, and you find them useful for your ventures. It is the only way to make sure that you are getting the real benefit.

We are here for any tips or advice you need on running these apps, and we love hearing from proud business owners who have tried their hand.

Your thoughts on thee apps will be more than welcomes as we are all looking for high quality and thoughtful feedback on our little list.

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