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Build Simple Enterprise Mobile Apps to Satisfy Employees

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Have you ever used apps applicable in your workplace? We are talking about “enterprise mobile apps.”

Yes, those apps are complicated to handle, but still pushed on to employees for extracting a better productivity out of them. In spite of the fact that simpler options are available, an organization promotes the use of such apps extensively over other simpler apps.

As per a recent study, nearly half of US workforce is more inclined towards using effortless app options for productivity then sticking to traditional complex options that are too difficult to handle. Henceforth, employees prefer switching on to consumer apps than apps meant for professional use.

The reasons were simple, yet logical. Enterprise mobile apps seem to be clumsier, clunkier, like a lost world, to most employees. Their purpose is to enhance employee productivity, but these apps go against the purpose. With employees faced with more responsibilities than ever, enterprise apps make things adverse and the life of employees a living hell.

When the company realizes the mistake, and they want to correct the same, it will go for an overhaul by ripping out a complex app and make it simpler. It is not surprising these days’ to see consumer apps getting approved easily as compared to already present apps on application stores.

Another research reveals that 66% of the organizational workforce need ample time analyzing, navigating, and searching things out in enterprise apps. How to get simpler enterprise apps in place that are user-friendly for employees?

Work hand in hand with the employees

When you provide a sense of ownership to employees, they not only feel overwhelmed but will be more than eager to use the app firsthand as soon as developed. Let employees get involved in providing their valuable feedback to get the app build properly in first place with right functionalities. Ask your employees what they expect within an app.

Consult them for solving out bugs or errors. This motivates them, and let them be an integral part in creating an app, giving them a feel of being an owner of the app. Have them participate in deciding what they think about features and wireframes. Your app will be heading its way on being perfect with all shortcomings pointed by the employees, overhauling your old application each time when loopholes found.

In addition, the communication gap is filled between top management and employees with a frank talk on all app aspects. Such a back and forth communication exchange will only strengthen the professional relationship, leading to utmost work satisfaction and advocates of app within the company premises.

User Experience (UX) is critically important

People are highly used to B2C apps with WhatsApp dominating the chart. Since WhatsApp is probably the most user-friendly app encompassing all features and functionalities, the expectations of users are more with any kind of app they come across, especially when it comes to enterprise apps that have frequent use.

The enterprise apps should have a skin design that enables it to look like consumer apps. Even the entire user interface (UI) should be end user oriented just as you see in B2C apps. When you get similar kind of experience on enterprise apps that you get on WhatsApp, you will be surely inclined towards using it.

In addition to the outer skin, the inner organs of the app kept intact without compromising on them. This means keeping the productivity and efficiency factors of the app intact even if allotted a B2C design. It also means backend security and flawless integration.

Integrate analytics within an app

Analytics talk a lot about human behavior. Whether web or mobile, analytics play a key role in deciding what kind of users flood your website or mobile site, and to what level they interact with your site or app. There are various levels of interaction related to every single webpage or screens. With analytics, you can actually determine the exact interaction level and help you focus on user engagement statistics, conversion funnel, audience segmentation, banner ads, bounce rate, page performance, and interaction activity.

Have your employees rewarded for using the app

Employees can be rewarded in many different ways, not necessarily always money. Let your app be built in a way wherein employees get rewarded for using it, and also sharing it with friends. Once friends download, they are credited with some kind of reward. These kinds of rewards for downloading and sharing with make things interesting for end users. It will even motivate employees to use the app repeatedly, and share it with as many people possible.

To top it all, just focus on 4 to 5 core features revolving around the app. The catch here is that if you offering 4-5 core functions in a unique manner, they are more than enough to grab attention of few, who in turn will advocate your app to their family and friends, and so on. Slowly and gradually all those, looking for something different from the currently existing apps they are already using, will adopt your app. While doing this, ensure to keep the simplicity intact.

Never enforce something your employees do not like

Forcing employees to use complex enterprise apps, even if they are completely dissatisfied, will not only degrade employee productivity and performance but will increase employee dissatisfaction tremendously. They might start to revolt everything imposed upon them within the company premises, and even leave the job when the company needs them the most.

Let them enjoy the freedom of thinking on their own, have their own perspectives, and choose their likes/dislikes themselves. With ownership and satisfaction coming to them, they will be inclined to use the app without any kind of efforts from the company. They will consider the app as an indispensable part of their lives, without you imposing the organizational thinking on them. This leads to adoption at a free will.

Incorporate feedback section within the app

With an integrated feedback section present within the app, users and developers connect with each other on common grounds. Both communicate with each other to sort out any problems or queries and have all the corrections done.

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