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Top 5 Best Virtual Assistant Blogs

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Virtual assistance market size was valued at USD 2.39 billion in 2018 and in 2019, its demand is ever escalating. Many professionals are quitting their 9 to 5 jobs and are opting to work as a virtual assistant, choosing the work they like for the fee they select. In a detailed article in ‘The Week’, writer Lana Bandoim suggests that in Upwork there are more than 5,000 VA s, around 74,000 on Guru, 26,000 on Freelancer and 5,000 on PeoplePerHour.

Top virtual assistant companies publish the industry-based news and blogs on their website. These blogs give deeper insights and understanding of how the VA industry works. So, here are the top 5 virtual assistant blogs for you to read.

Va blogs

The list of Virtual Assistant Blogs

  1. The VA handbook
  2. Boldly
  3. The Virtual savvy
  4. Ossisto
  5. Task bullet
  6. Prialto
  7. VA networking

The VA handbook

The website www. is everything that you want to know about a virtual assistant. Some of the most read categories are; marketing and finding work, VA interviews, learning and developing, etc. The write-ups help those in the industry to connect with others, develop the skills, opportunity to find more work, the scope of VA in various sectors and motivation required to go ahead with their choice of the profession. True to its name ‘the VA handbook’ comes handy when you find a block in finding success in this industry. All the blogs on this website are written from real-life applications or experiences of the author.

The most important proposition of this website is the course they offer. DIY Virtual Assistant Course is a well-designed 6 weeks course that helps a person to set up his or her own virtual assistant business.   


Virtual assistant service provider ‘Boldly’ has a blog space, which is a must check. Boldy don’t publish blogs over blogs like many other sites do these days. The number and frequency of blogs they publish is quite less. Their blogs are on carefully chosen easy read topics with complimenting videos to go with it. Some of the blogs are not more than 250 words but the knowledge you gain from them is immense. For instance, one of the blogs titled ‘Every small business owner I talk to struggles with the same problem when scaling. Here is an easy way to fix it’, by writer Sandra Lewis is published with Gif images capturing eye-balls of every visitor on the page. Not that every day, we come across organizations that understand the importance of value-based content. ‘Boldly’ is the right choice, if you are new to the industry and want to understand the concepts in laymen’s terms.

The Virtual Savvy

The company ‘the virtual savvy’ is into virtual assistant business and its run by Abbey Ashley, a mother of 2 children who were not ready to sacrifice her dream of running a business even while facing adversities. Her website has a blog space, where she shares her insights with the readers. The topics range from the regular ones like- ‘How much I can make as a virtual assistant?’, ‘Top 50 virtual assistant tools’, ‘50 services to offer as a virtual assistant’ to the most informative ones like- ‘How to set your rates as a virtual assistant’, ‘Sell out your service as a virtual assistant’, etc. The writings are well-framed bits of advice by someone who has grown amazingly in this industry.


Ossisto is a New Jersey-based Virtual Assistant company focussed on providing virtual assistance to all types of industries. As one of the best players in the sector, they publish quality blogs on a regular basis. Comprehensive writings with the potential to get ahead of other write-ups online because of its immense quality. Whether you want to understand the new virtual assistant tools or to know the new happenings in the virtual assistant world, all you must do is to open the Ossisto blogs and read. Instead of referring to various sources, this website can give all the virtual assistant news in one place. Their services are also of top-notch and a person or an organization can choose from a pool of experts from under one roof, as in who they want to have as their personal assistant.

Task Bullet

A Philippines based virtual assistant company, Task Bullet has skilled virtual assistants who take up the tasks of the employees and complete them on time at a reliable cost. The website also has a blog space where the company publishes well researched and written virtual assistant stories. The stories they publish are practical ones.

Virtual Assistant Networking Organization

If you are looking for free resources and training materials on the topic, read the blogs published by Virtual Assistant Networking Organization. Established in Vancouver, Canada; the organization functions for benefitting virtual assistants around the globe. The blogs published are mainly for small businesses and startups, showing them ways to succeed by relying on a trustworthy assistant. Some of their best blogs include: How to find and retain clients, content equals clients: how to simplify your content marketing efforts, how to price your virtual assistant services, etc. As you see, the blogs are mostly guidance for newbie entrepreneurs.


As a virtual assistant service provider to executives, entrepreneurs, and businesses, Prialto provides not only blogs but also insightful case studies. The blogs are segmented for each industry. Some of the best blogs on their websites are; Real estate agents: here’s how to time block your schedule, how to improve employee productivity according to research, 6 actionable strategies to maximize your work efficiency, 9 proven benefits of hiring a virtual assistant, etc.

With many new virtual assistant companies popping up, there are many new websites talking about the industry. Soon about 90% workforce will be working remotely, and readers will be looking for quality blogs on this subject. The trend of outsourcing is ever-increasing driving more opportunities for intelligent virtual assistants. This trend will help organizations reduce their overall costs and save money. One can avoid micromanagement totally and it is a smarter solution to reach new goals faster.

With many new virtual assistant companies popping up, there are many new websites talking about the industry. Soon about 90% workforce will be working remotely, and readers will be looking for quality blogs on this subject.

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