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Big Data Analytics Remains the Firm Focus

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While they turn up numerous buzzwords in technology each day, there is one that is still leading all business and departments.

Insights into the data generated every day, each minute

Have you ever contemplated how much data is generated at the back end when you upload a photo on Facebook or how many Tweets are sent every minute? You will be flabbergasted to know the exact numbers; the data is growing such that it is getting out of your system. There are around 4Million posts every minute on Facebook, 1.7 Million likes each minute on photos we post on Instagram, 21Million tweets per hour, 110,040 Skype calls users make each minute of the day and so on.

Besides your work in the organization concerning employee’s, consumer’s, client’s data and each activity you perform in a day, whether social or professional or personal on your Smartphone or laptop muster to form massive amounts of data at an expeditious speed. Thus, our lives in today’s time depend completely on the administration, storage, execution, analysis and security of this Big Data.

Facebook is one of the largest data hosts across the planet and thus, the company depends on many useful and efficient platforms that facilitate the management and structuring of data timely and properly. As users can post anytime, anywhere, the data never sleeps. Big data supervision is a crucial task for each business out there. We need superb intelligence, science and analytics to inline the processes and serve the world.

Technology is making Bigger Efforts

Over the past few years, several platforms, software and technologies have been invented to help businesses govern and receive valuable information out of those petabytes and terabytes generating each minute. Apache Hadoop, Spark, Storm, Data Science, MongoDB, Cassandra are few to mention.

Similar to the importance of managing and storing data, it is essential for organizations to invest in techniques of seeing, understanding and presenting the information via charts, graphs and reports. In this category, Tableau, QlikView, Informatica, Spotfire is the top business intelligence tool for reporting and data visualizations. They are developing at a faster pace so as to intelligently implement real-time algorithms to hold the data in place and make the best, promising business decisions.

IoT contributes to the Expansion

Considering the importance and evolvement of Internet of Things, big data is going to expand bigger in the geography. The embedded objects create huge volumes of data connected with one another in the specified space. Certain Industry verticals like to connect home and vehicles; industrial automations are driving the data in IoT, utilizing several Internet-connected sensors. A recent report by Gartner mentions that IoT calls for a range of data centers to manage and handle the real-time demands. The urgency of IoT is to take care of data streaming from multiple, globally distributed systems and sending the data to a single location for efficient processing

Given all these sources exploding data, it is evident that the disruption is massive and will continue to circulate even more. As more of platforms and strategies advance, we require bridging the gap between business and operational data, being able to draw from business intelligence and data science.

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