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Best Video Conferencing Apps for Seamless Client Interaction & Communication

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How do you keep in touch with clients? Sending promotional content via email, text as well as straight to store apps that your customers regularly use is all well and good. However, keeping in touch with your clients by using video conferencing technology could bring the quality and level of consumer engagement you want and that your business needs.

At present, digital medium is the best platform for information exchange, since it is widely even remotely accessible, cheaper than traditional communication mediums like telephones, and highly scalable to accommodate multiple participants. Video conferencing apps can also be used to create dynamic conversation systems where participants can join, leave and come back to an ongoing conversation at their own accord without disrupting the overall participation.

This is what has made them an indispensable option for corporate communication, and this article discusses the best video conferencing apps available in the market.

Best Video Conferencing Apps for Seamless Client Interaction & Communication

If you’re ready to connect to your clients via web conferencing, then you’ll need to look over these video conferencing apps to choose which one to go with. These picks have been culled from the curated content of websites like Lifehacker and Digital Trends so you know you’re already dealing with the best of the best here. 


This one works with iOS, Android and Blackberry units. Interested in a bit of lifecasting along with your video chats? If that’s a yes, this multi-platform video app may be just the thing for you. It’s not exactly a video chat service so much as it is a lifecasting app. What’s that?

Simply put, it’s an app that allows you to record whatever moments you find or deem interesting. The moments are then published on your own live Qik feed. While this one does offer users video chat capabilities, you can expect that the highlight of this service isn’t going to involve video conferencing features. However, you can use this app to connect to your clients if want to try something to do something on a platform that’s got more than a bit of the personal touch. However, if this comes across as a tad too unprofessional for you, then skip on over to the next.


Skype is among the most popular video chat services around. When it comes to video group calling, Skype can support as much as ten users so that’s nine of your friends plus you. However, that’s a perk that’s only available to a group of ten if one of the users already has a Skype premium account—or signs up for one. Otherwise, it’s back to having five per group video calls for you.

Skype has 299 million users. That’s quite a big network right there which is great news for you if you’re planning to use Skype for your business. That’s because Skype offers voice calls and video chats—for free. But that only works if you and the contact you’re calling is part of Skype’s already extensive network of users. If that’s a no, try your luck with another video conferencing app. Who knows? You might get lucky.


If you want a video chat service that integrates very well with Facebook, then ooVoo is the app to get. After linking with your Facebook profile, the app uploads your friends list to its contacts page in a matter of minutes. Voice calling as well as instant messaging services are offered at no cost for ooVoo users. However, expect a slight charge when you use it to call landlines and mobile units. ooVoo can support a total of 12 people for its video chats. That’s two more than what you get with Google Hangouts. It’s also seven more than the standard five for Skype.

ooVoo has been reviewed extensively online, and comes of as an interesting alternative to Google Hangouts and Microsoft Skype. Decent service, video quality and responsive calling are some of the main selling factors behind ooVoo.

Google Hangouts

A relative new comer, when viewed alongside long-time players in the field of video chat apps like Skype—but what Google Hangouts lacks in years, it makes up for in ease of use and free features. Supported by Wi-Fi as well as by mobile networks, the chats allow for a maximum of 10 people at one time. The app is easy to integrate into your Google+ profile, if you have one.

Many brands have taken up Hangouts quite well, including human resources professionals have started using Hangouts for interviews. Due to the relative ease and availability of users (almost everybody has a Google account these days) Hangouts  have been witnessing surging popularity. For instance, the app creators Google themselves use Hangouts extensively for their external communications, such as podcasts and interviews via video conferencing.

Blue Jeans

This web based solution offers features such as room to remote video conferencing along with content sharing. Room to remote allows you to connect to anyone, anywhere. Content sharing capabilities, on the other hand, are plenty. The HD screen sharing feature ensures convenient and meaningful face to face interactions between you and your clients. Real-time sharing that encourages rapid responses is covered as well.

Last but not the least, there’s the wonderful zooming capability. Given the high resolution of the video, you can zoom in on a detail all you want and still end up with sharp, crisp images. This is a handy way you can use to figure out the non-verbal tells of your regular clients. The more you know about a particular client’s reactions, the more you can tailor fit your sales pitch to suit each one.

Recent features added to the system include recording and playback. Blue Jeans for client servicing connections are easy to set up. From video group calls to video sharing, to UC compatibility and being mobile-friendly, Blue Jeans has quite a number of features that provide businesses with a great deal of flexibility in the way they do business. If you’re looking for video conferencing capability that can handle your personal and professional demands, then Blue Jean might just be the perfect solution for you.

What video conferencing apps do you recommend?

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