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Benefits of Mobilizing Your Marketing Strategies

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2015 can be crowned as the year of ‘Mobile Enterprise’ with the rapid upsurge in the use of smartphones in the past five years. Gone are the times when mobile phones were used for personal use only. This generation depends on mobile phones for almost everything they do in the day. Business, lifestyle, shopping, playing and connecting: each of these activities can be carried out with just a single device that also comes under digital marketing.

Most importantly, all e-commerce websites count on mobile phones for driving their business and sales. Over the last few years, business developers and consumers have realized the importance of mobile marketing for greater user engagement and bigger ROI. If you are a startup and haven’t envisioned the need for mobile optimization, it is the time to extend your ventures and launch mobile-friendly websites connecting with audiences anytime, anywhere.

A report from comScore reveals the speedy, exponential increase in the number of mobile phone users across the global. The below graph is the clear mention of how smartphones have overpassed the desktop users in the last year.

The experts believe that the mobile industry is one of the most briskly growing sectors that have gone much beyond, from instant messaging to video calling to business apps, and thus, the biggest benefit for online businesses to target larger audiences. Although, there are numerous advantages to creating a responsive business website for digital marketing, here are few important ones the startups and budding e-Trailers can refer to in order to move in the right direction for success.

Benefits of Mobilizing your Marketing tavtics

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Reach the Audience anywhere, anytime

It is no wonder to say that more than 70% of the current adult and teenage users even take their mobile phones to their bathrooms. They are attached to the device so much so that they do not want to spend a single moment apart. Mostly, it is for checking emails, browsing shopping websites, social media updates and playing games. Digital marketers can’t get a more wonderful opportunity to stay connected and advertise their products and services anytime and anywhere.

A mobile website is more precise and responsive

While there is no limit to applying marketing strategies and getting results from everywhere, making efforts to create a mobile-friendly website is resourceful and worthwhile. Sometimes, it is important to convey a clear and precise message to consumers so as to gain their attention and bring dollars to your business.

Make huge business during holiday seasons

According to the US retail e-commerce holiday season sales report from 2012 to 2015, there has been a significant escalation in the number of online shoppers and revenue in dollars. This year is expected to bring to 79.4 billion U.S. dollars holiday sales -a 13.9 percent increase from the previous year. Due to massive traffic at one time on the website, the websites will operate relatively slower on desktops and laptops. Henceforth, a mobile responsive website will be beneficial to both consumers and marketers.

Cyber Monday preferred over Black Friday

This year’s holiday season shopping reports on Black Friday and Thanksgiving weekend made it evident that how the traditional store shopping has become vulnerable. The survey says that 103 Million Americans shopped online via laptops and smartphones compared to 102 Million who visited local stores. With the charisma of major sellers like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, most consumers are going digital and opting the convenient ways of shopping multiplying the offers and deals.

Out of the total 6.1 Billion e-commerce sales between Thanksgiving and the consequent weekend, M-commerce sets a new record with 34%

In-app Advertising

The revenue report below on business for the last eight years, by top ad channels, displays how mobile marketing has improved revenues in the last five years. Mobile marketing campaigns are on the biggest rise than ever before. in fact, mobile sales was nowhere until 2010 second quarter, and jumped remarkably from then to now. In-app advertising is breathing new life and generating higher engagements in mobile ad campaigns.

Dynamic creative optimization is yet another significant technology marketers can adopt to enhance their outreach. However, they should be on the qui vive such that consumers do not opt for ad blockers.

In app advertising

 More cloud-based services render strong cyber security

With the growing performance and trends in cloud-based technologies and services, online buying through mobile phones is much secure even compared to laptops. More than 75% percent startups launching their services in 2016 are going to be a part of cloud generation. Henceforth, selling through mobile devices gain more consumer’s trust and provide them service satisfaction.

Customers become Frequent Users

Mobile shopping let marketers connect with their consumers through personal SMS, emails and Social media messages. Advertising becomes one-on-one with loads of personalization as per consumer’s behavior. Providing them daily tips on several interests fascinate and involve customers so much so that they become the frequent users. Smartphones help deliver personal messages in their Inbox, which are seen and read on daily basis.

 Cost-effective advertising

For all businesses, budgeting is the most important step in their life-cycle. It is not feasible for every enterprise to construct an independent shop or showroom and sell their services. Adopting mobile retailing here is the solution as you do not need to invest more time, resources and dollars in setting up the space and its maintenance.

Google ranking calls for a must-have responsive design

Google now has new mobile optimization guidelines, which mention that a website not having responsive design will affect your ranking and drops it in SEO ranking. Nonetheless, just creating a mobile-friendly website would not do any good to your ranking. An appealing, user-friendly and app can make benefit your marketing strategies and boost your SEO and sales

Besides, there are many more benefits of mobilizing your business website and pull larger audiences and generate massive sales to the business. Make the most use of mobile marketing strategies this season, bringing highest revenues than ever before. Start implementing them today and better target larger audiences via mobile devices including Android, iPhone, Windows phones and Google Nexus.

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