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Avail the Advantages of Effective Apps for Better Communication

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Internal Communication managers are constantly faced with the challenge of finding ways to effectively engage employees. It is seen that most of the time relevant information often get lost between emails or e-newsletters. However, in recent years, the rise of apps have allowed organizations to have smooth communication directly with employees and also enabled them to monitor their level of engagement in real time. As per the recent statistics, the use of effective mobile apps for internal communication has increased in leaps and bounds. It can be said that technology witnessed a sharp hike in the past few years and surely, nowadays, apps in smartphones have definitely found a crucial place in today’s digital world.

With the emergence of effective apps, there is no need to shout or send unnecessary emails in order to convey important information. It is believed that apps which you use for your communication needs to offer two things such as the value to the business and should also provide usefulness to employees and if apps fail to provide both these things then the purpose will not be served. Your apps must fit in with how people work and also needs to fit in with the culture of an organization.

There are some very effective apps, used by an entrepreneur for effective communication among team members and some of them are listed below:


It is one of the apps that is being widely preferred by entrepreneurs because of very easy to learn. In addition, the integration is awesome and any kind of uploading of link or file is shown up inline and if in the future, there is a need to see any conversation then you can easily search it. It also gives an option of creating a Google Hangout from inside a chat room.


This amazing app allows people to build rooms around functional teams and bring them together for smooth conversations. It has some unique features in which secure guest access is the most favorite. This is because clients, vendor or anyone in the chat room will only see what you want them to see. In addition, companies are making use of API for automating task and for building some amazing things.


It is a perfect app for minimizing the gap between staff members and clientele. It acts as a savior for sharing files easily and staying in touch with client information and projects. Its docs and files enable you to organize your Google docs, PDFs, images or any other file into the folder. This makes it very easy for your team member to find any file.


This chat tool lets you set up password-protected chat rooms. You can invite a client, vendor or any colleague to chat and make decisions. It includes a wonderful suite of extra, most of which are free. Moreover, it has a streamlined user interface, live image previews in the chat room, inline viewing of popular file format and also inline YouTube viewing.


It features a fantastic built-in chat software and features simple task and project management. This means that it is very easy for you to monitor the working of everyone. With this app, you will get no more chaos, intuitive work, and hassle-free project management. It enables you to build project checklists for repeated tasks. In addition, the library of ready-made project templates for almost everything from web design to next hiring on board will definitely amuse you. You can access Redbooth from your iOS, Android or from your iPad. You also have an option of turning your Apple Watch into the ultimate productivity wearable.

Microsoft Lync

It is an enterprise-centered service for communication. It has some amazing features in which the first one is that it gives you notifications whenever a contact becomes available. You can respond to an email using Lync and under this feature, the email subject line appears in the chat window message for easy reference. With it, you don’t have to open a bunch of windows, which means you can manage your conversations from a single chat window. Hence, it can be said that it enables you to have a truly unified communication platform for blending video and instant messaging, which is perfect for your business.


It includes fast as well as a lot of powerful technology, which makes it easy for the team to leverage any previous communication immediately. It seamlessly integrates with GitHub and other services easily and allows companies to provide all context and data behind the conversations. This effective app is being used religiously in both small and large size businesses.


It makes communication very easy as it includes several options such as group chat, video, cloud, email, a calendar for planning, human resource capabilities and a CRM system to name a few. There is no exaggeration in saying that Bitrix24 offers practical solutions in the proper management of the company.

All the above mentioned are some effective apps which a company can use for hassle-free communication.

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