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Android Apps Development: An Assured Way to Business Success

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The Android Platform, which had humble beginnings just a few years ago, today, powers millions of devices in more than 190 countries globally. Nowadays, Android has the largest installed base when it comes to mobile platforms today. It is also growing fast, as millions of users, power up their mobiles for the first time and head straightaway to download digital content such as apps and games for their mobiles.

Why Is Android So Popular?

The popularity of Android is due to its open-sourced nature, based on the contributions of the Linux community. Besides, due to the assistance of around 300 hardware as well as software partners, Android today is the fastest growing platform for creating apps of various genres such as business, entertainment, geo-location, corporate, and others.

No other mobile platform perhaps gives users a world class experience such as Android, which gives its users a complete world-class platform for creating apps as well as games for Android users everywhere, as well as an open marketplace so that these can be distributed instantaneously amongst the users worldwide.

Also, more than 1 million Android devices are activated worldwide every day. This is an indicator of its openness that has made Android a favorite OS for consumers and developers alike. This drives strong growth in app-consumption across the world. In an indicative terminology, more than 1.5 billion apps as well as games are downloaded every month. The Android platform is being continuously pushed forward to bring new capabilities to users as well as developers alike. For example, Android’s innovation allows you to build powerful as well as differentiated applications, so that the latest mobile technologies can be used.

Android Gives the Best-in Class Experience

With Android, you have everything that you need to build the best-in-class experiences. You get a single-application model to deploy apps to millions of users across a wide range of devices such as smartphones, tablets, and others.

With Android, you also get tools for creating a variety of rich look and feel apps. They also take advantage of the hardware capabilities that are available on each device. So that you develop efficiently, you get a complete Java IDE with advanced features, so that you can develop, debug, as well as package Android Apps.

There are other mobile app platforms compared to Android such as Windows or iOS, however it is not that these apps platforms cannot deliver. What is meant here is that Android has a far better reach and potential compared to other apps, when the global scenario is considered.

Why Android Apps Development

With Android offering so much at nearly negligible costs, it comes as no surprise that Android Apps development is at the forefront of technologies across the world. This means that you can go forward and develop almost any app from concept to completion using Android Apps Development.

Android Apps Development – The role of Google Play

The one great thing about Android apps development is that developers are able to utilize Google Play – the leading and foremost marketplace for selling as well as distributing Android Apps. This is an open marketplace, which Google Play puts you in control of how to sell products. With Google Play, you can publish as often as you want to as many customers as you want.

With Google Play, as an Android Developer, you can also monetize in the way that works best for your business – it could be priced or free. You could also offer in-apps products or subscriptions, so that you can obtain the highest engagement and revenues.

Moreover, you have complete control of pricing apps and in-apps products. You can also set or change prices for any supported currency at any time Additionally, Google Play comes pre-installed on hundreds of millions of Android devices all around the world and can be the most essential engine for growth for your business.

Google Apps Development – the necessity of a Unique Approach

Today, many companies offer native Android App development services. These native apps are built from the group up so that they can take advantage of the functionality as well as the characteristics that make this the world’s fastest growing mobile platform. For most developers, full customization becomes the key rather than the exception.

It is not advisable to go forward with cookie-cutter apps since cookie cutter approach will result in the cookie-cutter apps. What is necessary is a unique approach to Android development, so that the development team maintains a forward-thinking and groundbreaking stance.

For most Android apps companies, what sets them apart from the crowd of other apps developers is their development team. It is essential to develop the skills, creativity, and maintain the initiative that is necessary to build reliable and functional apps that are customized to the business brand as well as the target audience.

Today’s app development companies believe in leveraging their skills to the fullest when it comes to the Android operating system. Since Android comes in various flavors from Ice Cream Sandwich to Lollipop. Android development is also about designing the app with the core qualities of Android in mind. With Android development, it is possible to develop a seamless, streamlined, and perfect app to the end user along with a high quality experience.


Android is definitely much better than any of the competitors. Because of the free Open Source nature of Android, clients get industry-best pricing, with one major advantage, so that even SMEs and large scale enterprises get the complete Android app development advantage without burning a hole in their pockets.

Besides a robust team behind a successful Android App development project, clients can also go in for in-house solutions right from concept building to app completion and deployment. With Android, you definitely can go in for a smooth experience based on the company’s expertise that offers the Android app development process.

You need to check the authenticity of the company offering you the Android app development project and other related factors. Hence, compared to other apps platforms, you can safely bet on Android to give you the necessary returns.

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