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An Ultimate Guide To Successfully Overcome the Mobile App Growth Hurdles

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A growth process should always be cyclic, especially when it relates to a mobile application. Talking in terms of mobile app growth, when can we say that an app is growing? It is pretty simple to understand, but highly difficult to implement the same. When your app not just enables users to go for a download, but also let them talk about your app in their social circles, and when people in their social circles do the same, then it can be correctly said that your app is seeing momentum.

This does not happen overnight. Not possible, even with the best resources around. The process takes place in stages and requires ample time to see potential growth. What those stages are? And, how you as a developer, could play a vital role in enhancing those stages to your best capabilities. Let us find out, through a detailed analysis of these phases.

Phase 1: Bringing about awareness among users

This is the first, and probably the most crucial stage, where most businesses fail. You have already got an app in place, ready to explode. However, are people aware of your app pre-release, or even after launch? In what ways you will inform people that your app is available on application store, ready to be downloaded or installed?

What about the after effects, once you bring users to your app link in an application store? How will you measure, which demographical audience is clicking on your link, and what percentage of that is actually checking out on that? The application stores do not provide details on traffic estimates, or analysis, leading companies to deal with this inevitable situation.

To tackle such a situation, businesses opt for various channels like Kochava, Adjust, AppsFlyer, and Branch. Referral links can be easily tracked, and hence, there is no better way to generate awareness than by building a team of affiliates, who will promote your app all over the place. More importantly, you can analyze which affiliates are working well, which are not, and where the audience is coming from, etc.

Organic search, or generating traffic through organic SEO, still is a mystery that has remained unsolved till date. Nobody can still make out today, how a specific user reached your app, whether by simply typing your app name in app stores, or searched your app by typing keywords on Google. However, by using intermediary channels, you can provide a high-level estimate, by eliminating irrelevant traffic.

Phase 2: Tempting users to install or download

Math is not as simple as it seems, when it comes to making a transition between phases. You might expect the same amount of users downloading your app, as the ones who actually came in contact with your app. However, only a section of people who got aware about your app, would actually opt for a download. This should not come as a surprise, due to the fact that not every user is willing to download your app, after knowing about it.

Some channels drive higher conversions, while others don’t. Ensure not to make mandatory for your users to register, in order to use the app, since this will kill your conversions to a great extent. Other than these, there are ways to enhance your conversion rate.

The first one is “Personalization”. Show, or deliver, only relevant things to users, keeping in mind the contextual approach. Deploying features of a specific demographic region user to another makes no sense since not at all useful to the latter user.

The second one is “Deep Linking”. Help users to navigate between pages that has contextual content, only useful for that user. Showing a page of one user, to another, will give a feeling of bug or error, which users quite certainly would not like.

Phase 3: Sharing is everything, whether formally, or informally

Many a time, businesses have minimal to almost nil online marketing budget. However, what you do not realize is, there are ways to advertise your app online, and that too free. We have already talked about one above, i.e. Referral Marketing. Other than that Social Media Marketing through top notch sites liked Facebook, Twitter, G+, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube, etc., and word of mouth promoting, are two highly effective ways to spread the word for your app.

Remember, sharing your app will only connect with the audience if you have successfully won hearts of users on emotional levels. Do not expect each user to share your app right away. If your app has the right ability to click well with the users emotionally, then only they will feel the need themselves to share it, without you even asking them to share.

Phase 4: Keep the cycle going by doing your analytics

Keeping a constant track of how the conversions are taking place right from phase 1, through 2 and 3, will help you to mark areas of improvement, and bringing about updates/upgrades accordingly. Do have your metrics decided for every individual phase, and check your app on each one of them to have an accurate analysis of your app strengths, and weaknesses to scan the possible new avenues for introducing functionalities and fighting out competitors.

Every phase accompanies with it, a unique way of approach. Going by the flow through conventional, or sometimes unconventional strategies, will help your app be not only absolutely relevant but also be different from what users might be expecting.

Do you have anything else in mind?

How do we perceive growth is just not important. It is important, what you think about growth. It is a macro term, which can require hours of discussion. However, the most important thing to consider is your app should be perfectly tailored to suit individual user needs. Herein, it is important to remember that you are not catering your app to just one single user.

In fact, you are targeting a broader audience, and you need to do whatever it takes to make each individual aware of your app, tempt him/her to know how your app is useful, do social sharing everywhere, and most importantly motivate others to repeat all the above three phases.

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