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Accuracy Matters: Common Industrial Scales that You Should Know About

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The industrial sector is an essential part of economic development; it is vital in making the country’s economy alive. It determines the productivity and abundance of one’s country’s natural resources. Without the industrial sector, the country would be under economic distress, unemployment, malnutrition, and any other circumstances.

Industrial-scale is one of the essential equipment in measuring the weight and count of an object. It ensures the accuracy of the measurement of the product to either be exported or imported into the market. There are different scales, each of them playing a specific function to the different needs.

If you are interested in buying your scale, it is essential to know its purpose. Knowing the purpose will determine the kind of scale you want to purchase. Here is the different industrial scale that can give you the information to help you in choosing your desired scale.


Bench Scale

It is the most common scale that can be seen anywhere, either in the kitchen, retail shops, or other settings. It is a user-friendly scale that you can use in a broad range of applications—intended to be placed in a counter or table setting convenient to meet the customers’ needs.

It consists of a stainless-steel platform with an LCD and a push-button print format. To satisfy the customers bench scale is available in various models, sizes, prices, and capacities. A bench scale is one of the best industrial food scales for manufacturing business. It can measure weight from 4kg x 0.1g up to 60kg x 10g, suitable for weighing raw materials, raw ingredients, and other small-scale objects.



Check weighing scale is specialized to check and control the weight of the product. It is helpful to a lot of applications, most especially to the business sector. It provides a significant impact on the profit and income of the business. A small number of excess and shortage of the products’ weight will lead to a loss of profit that every entrepreneur wants to prevent.

The quality control process utilized a checkweigher scale to verify if the products will pass or not in the quality verification. Ensuring the correct and exact weight of the product will prevent any further adjustments and issues.


Counting Scale

The manufacturing industry needs a time-saving machine to make the manufacturing process easier and time-efficient. Though there are different kinds of scale available, the counting scale has the specialized function to address the specific purpose. A counting scale is responsible for counting the pieces of an item accurately without doing it manually. You can widely use it for inventory, manufacturing, and packaging items.

In purchasing your counting scale, it is essential to consider the size of the internal memory. The higher the memory, the better record it stores. If you count with a different set of items, you can automatically recall the sample weight with a keypad without constantly re-weighing the same items. Counting scales can be available for light and heavy counting items.


Crane Scale

You can use crane scale in commercial and industrial operations. It functions to carry heavy weight loads to provide an accurate measurement of the items to avoid any overload in operation. The function of this scale provides an essential purpose in ensuring the safety of the workers and the operation itself.

Crane scale comes from different types; this may include the digital crane scales, electronic crane scales, and heavy-duty crane scale. These varieties are intended for different purposes, and each type consists of specific ranges that can meet the needs of the operation. Before diving into its application, it is essential to know the scale’s capacity; the weight should not exceed the maximum load for safety purposes.


Hanging Scale

An essential instrument in agricultural trading, usually seen in supermarkets for weighing small goods such as fish, vegetables, and fruits. It is a portable weighing instrument used for overhead weighing and lifting applications. Before the variation of the hanging scale arrived, our ancestors used the older version of the hanging scale. Later, innovation arrives and produces the analog and digital hanging scale.

The hanging scale consists of different parts, including hooks, face, housing, internal working, and the different pan or scoop attachments to hold the bulky items. The analog scale is convenient and affordable; you can bring it anywhere. The digital scale can provide a straightforward reading of the measurement; it can weigh in pounds, ounces, grams, kilograms, and other features.



In business, the product’s measurements either from manufacturing to packaging are strictly monitored by the manufacturers and the authorities. The essence of accurate weight and measurement is to ensure the quality and safety of the product and the operation. The existence of these weighing scales makes the lives of everyone convenient and well-measured.


Knowing your needs will set things in place, and accompanying it with an appropriate instrument will make the process smoother and more efficient. The rising innovation is the crucial factor of making the undeveloped, developed.


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