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9 Impressive Rumors & Speculations About iPhone 7

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2016 is already on the doorstep and while we are already predicting the possible lineups of gadgets and technologies to unfold in the coming year, Apple iPhone 7 is widely rumored to come with a bevy of revolutionary features and design attributes. From the first round of rumors and speculations concerning the next Apple iPhone we can take a fresh look at some possible features and technologies that it is likely to be loaded with.

iPhones being one of the most advanced and popular devices on the market anticipations are very likely to rake the brain of device enthusiasts. Though there are some rumors that are groundless in consideration to the state the state of technology, but there are others that are supported by the latest range of patents filed by the company.

9 Impressive Rumors and Speculations About iPhone 7

Here are our 9 impressive rumors and speculations on the rounds about iPhone 7.

#1. iPhone 7 will scrap the home button

This rumor about scrapping the home button altogether is on round for quite some time and at least last two releases invoked an expectation around it. But this time this may actually happen as latest technology developed by Apple is strongly supporting such a speculation.

The home button unlike all other buttons, can take you back to the home screen with just a single press. Unlike other buttons it does not need any context for the action. Until iPhone 6s came Apple could not scrap the home button just by offering the same action through the touch screen. Now with the 3D Touch technology in place the device can offer a much larger screen and consequently can do away with the home button all together. In iPhone 7 instead of offering a physical home button, an on-screen area can serve as the home button.

#2. iPhone 7 will be waterproof

A recent patent filed by Apple indicates that the company has already come up with its own type of mobile waterproof technology. According to this newly filed patent, it is a system that can expel water with electric charges and consequently can keep your iPhone’s inner area dry. In a way this is also a breakthrough technology that uses an active technology for offering protection to a device from water. Until now manufacturers mostly used rubber seals and similar passive waterproof technology to protect devices.

According to the patent information, the system is likely to function by detecting water presence and then by expelling water from the surface area of the device through an electric charge. The technology is actually made to wipe away the water from the chamber to protect the inside area of the device from any damage.

#3. Extra thin design

Already slimming down the device has become a common trend for high end device manufacturers and with each release Apple has followed this trend. In that regard iPhone 7 is going to be no different. According to the leaked reports by Appleinsider, Apple is working on an ultra thin design with just 6.0 to 6.5 mm thickness.

#4. Charging wirelessly

For some time rumors are spreading on wireless charging feature with the next iPhone release. As seen by a few in the spec models of iPhone 7 the ability of the device to take charge wirelessly has been confirmed and it is very likely to be a feature of the next iPhone. Though wireless charging as a likely iPhone 7 feature has got strong nods from experts, it is still not clear whether the company will use an existing model for wireless charging or would offer it with a technology of its own.

#5. More powerful processor with A10 chipset

There is hardly any surprise in knowing that Apple is going to introduce a faster processor in its next handset. As with all other previous releases the iPhone 7 will also have the most advanced chipset. The speedier A10 chipset irrespective of many similarities with the A09 chipset of iPhone 6 will add more power and speed to the processor.

#6. Empowered with 3GB of Ram

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus have been given a higher RAM capacity after the release of iPhone 5. Since the device is going to be a more feature packed one than all its predecessors a higher RAM will add more firepower to it. According to some analysts and observers Apple may boost the device with 3GB of RAM, though this is too early to make an accurate prediction in that direction.

#7. A speedier 3D NAND flash storage

As per the mounting rumors and speculations, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus may come loaded with a new type of speedy 3D NAND flash storage that can be produced by SanDisk or Toshiba. This widely speculated storage will be a 256 GB, 3D storage with 48 layers.  It is capable to offer greater ease in dealing with device data than the currently available flash storage. Naturally, lightning fast read and write speed will add to more ease and device capability.

#8. Revolutionary screen panel technology

There is also a strong speculation that besides the ultra thin build, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus may actually benefit from a breakthrough display panel technology. According to sources, this has been achieved mainly by introducing a new ultra thin glass-on-glass solution in place of the earlier touch panel. This would actually save the device from low sensitivity of the panel around the edges.

#9. An affordable 7C version

Finally, the typical Apple trend of offering a less expensive version will continue with the next release as well. Like the iPhone 5C the company is also going to launch an affordable variant as 7C except only the 3D touch display.

Wrapping up

Finally, when it comes to the release date of the new iPhone we have already been familiar with the company’s schedule and following the earlier release dates Apple is going to launch the phone sometime in the end of the 3rd quarter of 2016. iPhone 7 is likely to be released along with the launch of Apple watch 2 around the same time next year.

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