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9 Benefits of Selling Tickets Online For Your Event

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A company or an organization that gives back to the community is one that also acquires the trust of the said community. There’s no doubt that your company relies on the number of customers that it has. Satisfied customers will usually come back for another purchase and, in some cases, bring in new customers. Whether you own a small, local company, or a larger, international company, you want to be holding events on a regular basis in order to

Here are 9 benefits that online ticket sales have for both your company and your clients.

#1. You Can Access The Ticketing System From Anywhere

In this day and age it’s almost impossible not to be connected to the internet. For this reason alone, having an online ticketing system for your event is the best solution for your ticketing problems. Being able to access your ticketing system from any computer or mobile device, at any time of the day or night makes it easier for you to check the sales, adjust the prices, and effectively change anything regardless of where you are.

#2. Online Tickets Sell Better

Nobody likes sitting in line to buy tickets to an event. Especially if it’s a large event that has a limited number of entries. By moving your tickets online, you offer your customers the possibility to buy your tickets at any time. There will be no more waiting in line and no more frustrated customers who fall just below the line because they weren’t able to buy a ticket in time. As long as a person has access to the internet, he or she will be able to buy a ticket for your event without any hassle.

#3. You Can Have Dynamic Pricing

Being able to change ticket prices has always been a pain. Especially if you have to recall a large number of printed tickets and distribute the new batch to the sales department or whoever is in charge of selling them. With online ticket systems you can easily change the prices of your tickets based on certain factors, such as number of tickets already sold, group discount tickets, and so on.

#4. You Can Brand Your Tickets

Instead of having to buy tickets from a generic ticket seller, your customers can buy them from your own customized web page. Moreover, you can design the ticket in any way you want. Not that you can’t do this with printed tickets, it simply takes less time to create digital tickets. You’re reducing paperwork and staff needs by simply implementing an online ticket platform that does everything for you.

#5. Secure Payments

Payment security is always an issue when it comes to selling tickets. Opting for an online platform specialized in selling tickets will make it easier for you. Such platforms offer added measures of security and are compliant with the latest laws and regulations. You don’t need to worry about fraud or hacks because the secure platform will take care of everything for you.

#6. Customers Know What They’re Buying

Large events usually offer more than one activity for the participants. No matter how many activities you have planned for your event, a designated ticket can be designed for them. Moreover, if you have a seating plan, you can post it online and allow your customers to buy the exact seat that they want, knowing beforehand if it’s already occupied or not. Think of large airlines. How great is it that you can visualize the seats that are already occupied before you buy your ticket? What’s even greater is the fact that you can then proceed to buy the seat that you like the most.

#7. Instant Confirmation For The Buyers

Receiving a confirmation for a purchase is always a great addition to buying something. Selling your tickets online means that you can also create a confirmation email to notify your customers that their purchase has been registered and that their participation at the event is secured. Moreover, you can automatically attach their ticket to the confirmation email. If you prefer to keep everything on a digital platform, you can allow your customers to simply show up to the event with the ticket on their smartphones.

#8. Customers Have Multiple Payment Options

With so many online payment options available worldwide, it’d be self-sabotage not to allow your customers to use them while trying to pay for the tickets. The more options you offer, the higher the chance that your customers will buy a ticket. It’s a very negative experience to try to make a purchase only to find out that your payment method is not accepted by the system. This diversity can drive the sales of your tickets higher than before.

#9. Customers Can Pay For Multiple Events In One Transaction

At first you may hold an event every few months, or maybe once a year, depending on the circumstances. However, once your company grows, you’ll want to hold more events in order to attract more customers. When such time comes, you should be able to organize several events and allow your customers to pay for them at the same time. Instead of having to make a separate purchase for each event, your customers will be able to pay for multiple events in one single transaction, saving them both time and effort.

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