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8 Top Useful Outreach Tools For Bloggers

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Bloggers are getting more involved in sending emails and other ways of reaching out to their audience, potential customers and making their blogs visible to the social media community. The use of outreach tools is now popular as an important means of building links, creating press releases and audience development. Using outreach tools gives you a more convenient means to communicate, connect and send information to others effectively without taking up much of your time and effort.

Here are the 8 top useful outreach tools for bloggers:-

# 1. Buzz Stream Email Research Tool

The Buzz Stream Email Research Tool simplifies the way you can search for a blogger’s name and their contact details or website. This is an intuitive tool that could provide you with better search results by providing the name of the website, company or name of the person.

# 2. Topsy

You can plug a URL into Topsy in order to obtain information about who is the most powerful and influential in your industry for your products or who may be a competitor for your brand. It also comes with an analytics feature that gives you the ability to learn more about which content, links, profiles, keywords and domains have the strongest influence in the internet community. Also giving you a lead to reach out to them to offer your blog for promotion.

# 3. Rapportive

Rapportive is an add on tool for your Gmail that pulls out more information about the people you send an email to, such as their profiles on various social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Getting to know more about them gives you the opportunity to reach to your fellow bloggers on a more personalized level.

# 4. Boomerang for Gmail

If you need some assistance in scheduling the dates when you send out emails to your potential customers and other prospects, the Boomerang for Gmail is a good outreach tool. This is especially useful when the recipient lives in a different time zone than yours. You can also set the date to send a follow up email using this tool.

# 5. Followerwonk

If you are one of the bloggers who find Twitter a good platform to share your brand, Followerwonk is best for you. The tool can analyze who your followers are, what they tweet about you and their search activities. It also helps you learn how to reach out to them and engage with your brand.

# 6. Citation Labs

Citation Labs is a tool that allows you to search for contacts using multiple sites. You can search up to 1,000 website URLs and it will pull out email details that you can download in .csv format. Using an Excel spreadsheet it is easy for you to group your contact lists and sort them by their niches.

# 7. SEO Gadget Bulk Analysis Tool

SEO Gadget bulk analysis tool gives you numerous data about the bloggers you intend to keep in touch with. It saves you the time to obtain vital information about them. Before you launch the tool you must have the blog URLs ready and it will show numerous results and information like the social media profiles, page and website authority, domain authority, contact email and much more.

# 8. Raven Tools

Raven tools is a good outreach management tool with the added features of social media management, site auditor, reporting, PPC management, and task management.

Do you use any outreach tools you can recommend?

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