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8 Industries That Increase The Power Of Social Media

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Companies have recognized the power of networking for their growth even prior to the Internet rise. If an entity builds a good network, it creates contacts with many more customers, increases its sales, expands to new markets, and makes a positive influence on its industry. Many successful companies have separate departments with the main responsibility of developing new business. This aspect of development was made much easier with the rise of social media.

There isn’t a business or organization that cannot benefit from a carefully planned and well-executed social media campaign. It doesn’t matter which industry the organization belongs to, it can always find the right social media platform that will enhance its success and growth. However, it cannot be denied that social media have a stronger influence on particular industries more than others. Here we will list the industries that have been exceptionally influenced by social media.

#1. The gaming industry

When you connect gaming applications with social media platforms you get the sense of friendly competition that attracts a countless number of users. Gaming companies that gave a social angle to their games have changed the dynamics of this activity in ways we couldn’t imagine before social media changed the world.

#2. The education industry

It doesn’t matter what old-school educators think of tweeting, social media has become a great place for students to find learning sources and teachers to connect with their students and inspire them to get involved in discussions and project beyond the classroom environment. There are many ways to use Twitter in a classroom, all of which enhance the effectiveness and fun of learning.

#3. The recruitment sector

When LinkedIn and other similar tools gained approval in the business environment, professional networking became a whole new concept based on social media. Finding new talents and opportunities became incredibly easy with these platforms.

#4. The food industry

When you think of food, you think of Instagram. When a company wants to announce the opening of a brand new restaurant, there is no better place for that than on social platforms. Restaurants and companies promote new dishes and products on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, but they also use social media to announce changes in their menus or production lines, or provide updates on upcoming events. Lately, more and more mobile food trucks announce their locations to Twitter followers every day, so more customers can find them easily.

#5. The television industry

Getting sneak peeks and teasers of upcoming episodes has become the new trick for attracting more viewers and keeping them hooked. Social media are also used by televisions for posting live updates and inviting viewers to comment and vote. Face Off, Project Runway, and other TV popular shows use Twitter and Facebook to connect with their viewers, listen to their opinions, and provide material that will keep them interested in the program. Social media has taken the viewership to a much higher level of engagement.

#6. The music industry

The number of music talents that came out of YouTube is impressive. This platform, along with MySpace, has helped many musicians to cultivate interest and sales. Promotion is not the only thing the music industry gains from YouTube – this concept is also a great mean of marketing that costs significantly less than traditional marketing methods.

#7. The fashion industry

All supermodels, magazines, designers, and fashion houses have social media profiles where they connect with their fans. Social media is a great place for promoting the latest shows, trends, and events to potential customers. The fashion industry also finds potential in social media platforms when it comes to securing future sales by forecasting fashion trends.

#8. The film industry

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other social platforms are useful for all active participants in the film industry, whether they are directors, actors, promoters, or producers. With the use of social media, the film industry gains access to an incredibly large audience that can be converted into fan base.

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