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7 Reasons to Choose Android N Over the Predecessor Marshmallow OS

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Google quite recently shocked the world by announcing its latest operating system “Android N” just last month on March 9, two months earlier from what was about to take place at Google’s I/O conference on May 18-20 this year. The newest mobile OS got declared in the form of Android N developer’s preview, with Android Beta Program following the announcement, letting developers and students use the preliminary Android N features.

Although Google announced only a few new functionalities like enhanced notifications and split screen mode, we actually had the opportunity to try Android N. What we found were dozens of new features to deal with, especially when comparing it with the last year predecessor Android Marshmallow. Was it worthwhile enough to update the OS from Marshmallow to N? Do Android N is better to use than Android Marshmallow?

It is difficult to answer the above questions, as different users have different preferences. However, Android N has certainly brought about radical changes, making it evident that Google has brought about a major advancement with this newest OS upgrade. We do have reasons to say so. Let us find out.

#1. Easily accessible split screen view any time for multitasking

Split Screen mode appeared to be a hidden setting on Marshmallow preview. However, with Android N, you can activate the Split Screen mode with ease in two different ways. Firstly, hold down Recents button. Secondly, within the Recents view, just drag an app right to the bottom or top of the screen. Double tapping the Recents button will switch you back and forth to the last apps used.

#2. Notifications are now more powerful and informative than before

Compared to the previous OS version, Android N brings about an aesthetic look with the help of a white minimal design. Replying to a message gets easier as you can do it right away from the notifications center. Handle multiple notifications in parallel through a bundle packing them together. Now expand and shrink them accordingly using arrow buttons.

#3. User interface gets even better with some minor tweaks

You might have been annoyed with Marshmallow wherein small icons fill up the entire status bar, leaving no room for more notifications. Now customize all that by arranging alarms, airplane mode, data, Wi-Fi, volume, Bluetooth, and more icons. In addition, you can add battery percentages, time accompanied in seconds or even disable the time as well. System UI Timer is one hidden feature that can be accessed by holding down the gear icon present within the notifications section.

Although this feature was present in Marshmallow, it was not as robust as in the case of Android N, as now you can calibrate the color of the display, based on day or night mode, cold or warm appearance, and matching the same with other devices.

#4. Change the text across interfaces rather than changing it on the whole

With DPI scaling introduced in Android N, you can change the individual text appearance associated with different interfaces, rather than changing the text ultimately affecting the entire OS. If you are not able to view content properly within a menu or sub-menu, just change the text of that section only.

#5. Provide your information to the recipient while making emergency calls

As you must have witnessed with previous Android versions, an emergency button is provided for a third person to make an emergency call, even when the phone is locked. Android N goes one step further in providing emergency info button, which even informs the recipient about who the caller is, and delivers caller details to the recipient.

#6. Settings suggestions bringing about a few changes

In Android N, whenever you open up a Settings tab, you are greeted by a settings modification suggested right at the top of the menu. Moreover, have access to the preview of the Settings under every specific menu item, without even entering the menu tab. In addition, you can view the entire Settings list as soon as you swipe from the left of the screen, or even clicking on the hamburger menu icon present on the top left of the screen.

#7. Customize the Settings tiles as per your individual needs

You must be aware of Quick Settings Menu. As soon as you pull down the notifications shade, get access to 5 quick access default settings. After pulling the shade down all the way, get settings tiles in a paginated manner accompanied with an edit button, for adjusting the order of the tiles. Hence, the first 5 tiles act as initial toggles for preview. With a new API launched by Google, it is now conveniently viable for developers to create their own Quick Settings tiles.

Android N is for users looking for easier accessibility

Android N reminds of the days when Android dominated the mobile OS arena single-handedly, with iOS just warming up with newly introduced App Store and iOS apps. Recent versions of iOS have shown great potentials with things delivered, right in the hands of users. However, many third-party Android manufacturers are adding up their own features of multitasking, personalizing the Android OS on different smartphones. Android N showcases the freedom and customizability, as seen earlier with Cyanogenmod, with the only difference of Android N being a stock OS rather than a modified Android version.

Even though we have seen just a preview of what Android N is potentially going to be, it is safe to say that even with the occasional bugs showing up, Android N is certainly going to be a significant revolution, especially bringing about major improvements from Android Marshmallow. We have just discussed a few of them among a bunch of features, which are anticipated to be seen alongside Android N. However, we are not sure regarding the actual features that you will see when Android N rolls out in its full form. Nevertheless, whatever it is going to be, Android N is something to wait for with great eagerness, changing a lot of ways Android users interact with their Android OSes.

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