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7 Powerful Finance Mobile Apps for Freelancers and Business Owners

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Technology is everywhere, from business to health, education and nutrition. An explosion of apps are being developed every day to help people solve real issues. These issues might range from the mundane – tracking your finances (Fudget), to keeping an eye on your kids (MSPY Cell Phone Tracker).

Technology is making our lives easier, richer and more enjoyable. Ten years ago, entrepreneurs had to rely on expensive accountants or amateurish spreadsheets to find out how much runway they had left. Today it can be calculated and monitored with the tap of an app – giving intrepid entrepreneurs the ability to spend less time on their finances, and more time closing sales that add to the bottom line.

The only problem is that, where there are many choices, there’s the possibility that you might make the wrong choice. There are thousands of finance apps that promise to make our daily lives easier. Let’s take a closer look at some of the apps we can really rely on.


Startups rely on capital to pursue their vision. You can increase capital by slashing personal expenses and better managing business expenses.

Wally is a free financing app developed for iOS devices. The primary purpose of this app is to compare your income with your expenses. This helps you to calculate the ROI of different activities. Input of data is easy – you can take a picture of your receipt and the app will import the data into your financial tracker.


This is a comprehensive, cloud-based platform that handles all your financial problems concerning budgeting, bills, alerts, investment, security and free credit scores. This well-organized app allows you to track monthly bills and any other purchases you make through a single platform without the need to log into other websites. You can also set a reminder for upcoming obligations, like paying bills or handling business fees.

Investment accounts are also handled by Mint. This allows for smarter suggestions and a better overview of your financial picture. This app is beneficial for monitoring the allocation of your assets, along with the performance of your investment accounts.

You Need a Budget (YNAB)

Budgeting is a key element for a successful business. It is not only pragmatic from a business perspective, but also keeps our lives more balanced. Everything is impacted by a budget: your educational opportunities, managing house expenses, pocket money, shopping and so on. Whenever you cross the limit, this app reminds you of your actual budget and assists you in making better decisions for the future.

If you want to obliterate debt, YNAB is extremely helpful – reminding you to remain within your means. Furthermore, it encourages you to setup a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly budget. What sets this app apart is the ability to maintain budgets for specific events in your life.


To manage the accountancy of small businesses, Wave app is head and shoulders above the rest. This amazing app digests a variety of intriguing features that are required for any business. Customization of invoices can be done in an alluring way (modern, classic and contemporary). Wave intelligently helps their users get paid faster. All credit cards are supported by this app.

Your critical data is entered automatically. Tracking of expenses and management of income through different tools is easily done through Wave. You can also divert payments directly to your team members – reducing transaction costs.


If you want to run your entire business through one app, then QuickBooks is the most suitable finance app. You can perform book keeping tasks easily with it (calculations, data organization, and payment records) to maintain your books appropriately. In no time, you can reconcile your bank statements and organize business accounts.

My favorite feature of QuickBooks is their built-in sales tax calculator. It works for transactions independent of where you are, what you have sold, received and paid. You can scan the receipts through your camera and QuickBooks will automatically associate it with the expenses you made. Financial statements can be easily accessed through it. Cash flow statements, balance sheet and income statements are easy to handle with it.


The pragmatic characteristic of this app is that any data stored in it can be easily accessible through any gadget, whether iOS, Android or a computer. It is simple and instinctive at organizing records. Entrepreneurs can build professional invoices that give off positive vibes to your clients. It automates different tasks and allows you to organize projects, alerting you to perform various tasks on time.

As everyone cannot understand complex financial statements, they’ve put extra effort into making comprehension easy enough for a lay man. Forget the troubles of receiving and paying checks. You can efficiently transact money online. You can collate all of your important files, receipts and conversations in one place.


Gusto incorporates three main powerful features: payroll taxes, corporate compliance and administrative benefits. This app was formally known as Zen Payroll. With their newest app, you can say hello to automated payments, calculations and tax filing. Get relief from unnecessary paperwork and the difficulty of memorizing information from different accounts.

Gusto is supported by all devices. Moreover, this also provides you the facility of tracking employee benefits, ensuring you’re in compliance.

Another cool feature is that employees can make charitable contributions based on their choices. These selections are calculated automatically and filed into the records of governments, local or federal payroll taxes.

You can also add additional calendars that are important for meetings, anniversaries and pay rates. Hence, this is an entirely professional app and immensely advantageous for small businesses.

Aggressive entrepreneurs and small business owners need access to tools that work on the go. When it comes to finances, rarely are there things more important. Sales may solve all, but if you don’t know where your money is going, you won’t be in business for long.

Hopefully these tools will help you operate both your personal and corporate finances more effectively. I know I’ve enjoyed testing them out!

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