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The 6 Foremost Gadgets from CES 2015

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Electronics enthusiasts from all over the world throng at Las Vegas to know what all innovations to look forward to in this particular year. Like every other season, 2015 CES was replete with the latest smart phones, to wearable and watches, to tablets – every possible new breed under the sun. It even surpassed the success of its predecessors and experienced an influx of 170,000 attendees and 3,600 exhibitors. From the who’s who of tech universe all the latest gadgets made their public presence to catch the attention of worldwide tech wizards, would-be users and developers.

Here we will mention the 6 foremost gadgets that caught everyone’s attention in CES 2015 and created a buzz. The list has been made keeping in mind the usability of the product rather than so called stunning aspects and claims of specifications.

The 6 Foremost Gadgets from CES 2015

#1. Volvo connected bicycle helmet

Three renowned companies from Sweden – namely Volvo, Ericsson and POC – joined hands to produce this gem of a gadget known as Volvo connected bicycle helmet which is primarily a bicycle warning system in the guise of a helmet. The gadget is connected by, and communicated through, a smart phone application known as Strava, and it operates via the cloud. If a bicycle is on collision course with another oncoming vehicle the system not only warns the cycler it auto breaks the vehicle as and when it crosses the critical limit and also activates the light in the helmet.

For now this technology has successfully been implemented in Volvo XC 90 models and other automobile manufacturers are also expected to install this in their vehicles. This gear is expected to become famous in countries like US where every year 50,000 cyclists either get injured or die in bicycling crashes.

#2. Kodak’s PIXPRO SP360 Action cam

In recent days, especially over past two to three years there has been seen increasing demand in camera products, both still and movie.

Here we will discuss the latest exhibit from the house of Kodak that won much applause in CES 2015. It is a video camera that is small and similar size to that of a Rubik’s cube. Using a single lens this camera has the capacity of doing 360 degree filming. The output produced by PIXPRO SP360 action cam comes in the format of HD/1080p. The camera has built-in Wi-Fi activity and it can be controlled by android devices in a wireless mode. Compared to its usability the product comes as cheap as $350.

#3. WiTricity Rezence Wireless charging

With increased dependence on battery driven gizmos and enhanced mobility of mankind has prompted itself to take up much interest in wireless charging methods. Large companies like Intel and Qualcomm have already tried wireless charging technologies but Witricity’s latest outcome is something to be hopeful about.

It uses magnetic resonance repeater technology for room-scale wireless charging. First a source repeater is connected to a power source that can further be integrated into carpeting and floor tiles. Once this is done, power is transferred to a capture repeater below a desk, countertop or other surface. Now if the electronic device is placed on the desk surface, it will charge other devices wirelessly. This technology has gained much popularity to be partnered with Intel.

#4. NXT-ID’s WOCKET Smart Wallet

E-wallets have been in the news for quite some time now for its innovative applications. But this gadget does not come from a traditional electronics company. NXT-ID is a mobile security venture that can take care of hundreds of credit cards and other types of cards at a time and yet it is not at all difficult to maintain the wallet in your back pocket.

The gizmo comes with several components such as a card reader, scanning capacities, and a unique physical “universal” card. All your credit cards first need to be swiped through the reader to capture the e-data that is needed to successfully carry out the credit card payment. The credit cards do not need to be carried out physically. As far as other identity credentials are concerned, they can also be scanned and stored into the wallet. This product is not yet available at any physical store and can only be ordered through NXT-ID’s website.

#5. Mini drone

Drones were initially conceptualized for serving military and other necessary national security requirements. But soon the drones became so popular that many niche manufacturing firms showed interest to bring them to the consumer sphere. Drones, which are also called UAVs or Unnamed Aerial Vehicles created much sensation in this year’s CES.

The first company to talk about mini drones was Parrot which brought in multiple rolling spider mini drones that flew over several mini drone jumping sumos during the show. The interesting thing about these mini drones is that it can be operated through an app known as Free Flight 3.

The production has not yet been scaled up and being at the pilot phase it is still going through performance and durability tests. The results indicate that one major problem that needs immediate attention is higher charging time. Once charged, the charge holding time of the product is also not up to the mark. The Drones are sold for now at Amazon and can be bought for as little as 100$.

After Mini drones Zano’s Nano Drones is also going to take off soon as it has already managed its required crowd funding from Kickstarter.

#6. Oculus Rift VR Headset

Virtual reality is something that, as a genre, is going to change the consumer electronic landscape in the very near future, especially the entertainment segment. This Oculus Rift headset is owned by Facebook and has already gained popularity for its unique VR content and programming capabilities. On one hand it can serve the purpose of individual users whereas in totality, the entire technology of VR programming is used by the Hollywood studios to create rich VR content. The product, for now is getting sold at $ 350 apiece.

Images: ”LAS VEGAS – JAN 09 : The Intel booth at the CES show held in Las Vegas on January 09 2015 , CES is the world’s leading consumer-electronics show./


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