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6 Most Expected Features and Fixes in Android M

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The final build of Android Lollipop can be seen on a number of major mobile phones. But it seems that Google is heading towards its new OS in the next few months. It is difficult to tell the release date, but it is expected to be launched near the end of the summer and the start of winter. Google may wait for a year to update Android to its latest version. The last three versions of android were as follows:

  • KitKat
  • Jelly Bean
  • Ice Cream Sandwich

Devices for Android M

Android 5.0 is taking advantage of 64-bit processors and the RAM requirement is also quite high. It is quite possible that the less powerful Android devices would not be able to have Android M on their mobile phones. It is difficult to identify which device will be chosen by Google for its new OS.

Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 5, Moto X (3rd generation) and a few more will come with Android M pre-installed.

Design and Interface

Big changes could be seen in the new OS, similar to the big change that will be seen in iOS9 by the end of this year.

A new look is not expected, but evolutionary changes would be there and a little refinement on the previous Android versions.

Android Auto

Android M will focus on the Google’s android Auto feature. The functionality can also be built into new cars as well and this could be done even without plugging in the phone. Isn’t this amazing?

Android auto integration in cars can be seen next year and this car-optimized version will control all your vehicle’s music, maps and many other features.

Android M is a hot topic now among Android developers. Here are the few things that everyone wants to see in the new OS.

#1. Messaging Hub

A messaging hub is a central place for all messages on the phone. The pull down service of Android is an attractive feature, but a unified messaging hub for multiple email accounts and their services would be great to have in the OS. Built-in filtering can also be there that will allow the users to add filters to the account in order to see only specific accounts in the messaging hub.

Google has already given a notification panel in Android 5.0 that allows the user to read them without unlocking the phone and the user can respond to them as well. More such features need to be in the new Android OS versions in order to compete with the coming iOS9.

#2. Synced Notifications

Google’s next generation could benefit from better syncing with app notifications for various devices. If the user has dismissed something from the screen, then it is annoying to see it again on your tablet. This can be an improved feature in Android M. Google has added this feature, but only for the Google apps.

Syncing is a problem in many devices like in Samsung S4 as sometimes the mail accounts are not synced and it is frustrating to delete the same mails that the user has already deleted earlier on his or her tablet.

#3. Gestures

Android has an amazing gesture technology in most of its versions, but the manufacturing partners think that there could be even more that can be done with the touch screen. Various brands have incorporated gesture technology in its own way like Lava Iris X8 – apps can be opened without even clicking on the app or unlocking the screen. The app can be opened from the locked screen itself by writing certain alphabets like “C” for the camera, “E” for Internet Explorer, etc.

Users are looking for customizable gesture technology in their phones so that they can customize the gesture according to their choice.

Samsung “S” series has seen many such features under the gesture technology like Air View, Air Gesture, Smart View, Smart Pause, etc. And users are looking for customizable features in the new operating system versions.

#4. Parental Controls

It has become very important for parents to check their child’s devices on a regular basis and they are looking for devices that allow better and effective parental control.

There can be multiple accounts on the same device, similar to an iOS mobile. This is a great feature for parents who are looking for mobile phones with parental control settings. It can include a restricted app that gives the ability to restrict the installation of certain apps on the device. This will allow parents to keep a check on their childrens devices and restrict them from downloading or installing unwanted apps.

#5. Google Wallet

The NFC has been incorporated into the Google devices for years. It came with Google Wallet around 3 years back, but it did not get as much popularity as the other features due to the Android fragmentation problem.

Fingerprint scanners are available on some of the Android devices and seeing this in place, Google can approach the credit card companies in the hope of restructuring the Google Wallet for Android M.

#6. Better Customization

Android has been a highly customizable operating system till now. The quick settings menu on Lollipop is great and offers certain settings like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc., but it does not allow the user to customize the settings.

There should be better customization in the up-coming versions of the operating system.

Screen optimization

Android M needs to focus on large screen devices that are currently flooding the market. Dual-window apps are needed in the OS. This will allow the user to watch a YouTube video in one window and write an email in the other. Resizing and floating windows need to be there.

A Touchwiz modification is basically needed in the up-coming new Android operating systems. Users want smoother functionality with their apps and we hope to see all this in Android M.

Android Future Trends

Users are looking for new features in Android this year. Let’s look at some of the trends that can be seen in 2015.

  • Android beating iOS

Android is blooming like anything and is constantly rising as an amazing mobile platform. This will be the reason for the loss of iOS market share in 2015. Android market shares were 80% by the end of 2014 and this will increase more in this year.

  • Cloud Application

Cloud application allows the user to enjoy both the desktop application and the web application as it is the hybrid of both the applications.

It offers,

  1. Quick responses to users
  2. Works in offline mode
  3. Amazing user experience

Any file can be shared and uploaded using cloud computing. By the end of this year, the cloud application will be written on the cloud itself as the cloud providers will offer cloud-hosted services to its users.

  • Parallax scrolling

It is a growing trend in apps and this will take the user experience to new heights. Parallax scrolling creates dynamic and interactive user experience and allows the content to be displayed on a single page. It also engages the users on a page for longer.


New trends have already knocked on the door of innovation and by the end of 2015 such trends are expected to take the mobile industry to the next level.

Images: “HILVERSUM, NETHERLANDS – MARCH 17, 2014: Android is an operating system based on the Linux kernel and designed for touchscreen mobile devices. The mobile HTC Dream, was successfully released in 2008./


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