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6 Big Challenges in Developing Mobile Apps and Their Possible Solutions

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“In 2020… There will be a widespread belief that the World Wide Web is less important and useful than in the past and apps are the dominant factor in people’s lives.” 

You will find a number of apps in the mobile realm. The reason people are using apps is because they are getting their things done with just one click without facing any difficulty. Maybe it is:

  • a. Shopping
  • b. Booking a ticket for the movie
  • c. Booking a flight
  • d. Booking a bus ticket  rain,
  • e. Booking a train ticket
  • f. Booking a cab
  • g. Booking a hotel or restaurant
  • h. Ordering food etc

There is a never-ending list of apps.

Are you planning to develop an app for your business?

If yes, then you need to focus more on “what not to do” than on “what to do”. You can use this strategy to build an outstanding app so that it can give a fight to other apps out there and hold a good position. Here I have highlighted several challenges and how to overcome them while you’re developing the app.

#1. Creating an app that stands out

This is the biggest challenge for creating an outstanding app, as there are millions of apps. You will find a number of apps coming up day by day which rare not even seen by individuals. If you don’t want your application to get lost you need to create an app which is noticeable by people.


You can create an app which has good features and looks great, for this you need to ask the following questions to yourself and answer them such as:

  • a. Is there any other app existing which you’re planning to design? If yes, then what other additional features will there be to improve your app? (You can do some research and analyze it to get better).
  • b. What kind of users you’re targeting and what do they need?
  • c. What problem will you be solving for the customers?

Keep in mind to build an app which is productive, pleasant and simple.

#2. Funding For Your App

To develop an app and push it into the market you may require the average cost of $2,500-$150,000. The cost will depend on the design, features and on many other things. Now the question is how do you get it funded?


There are many ways you can raise funds, but it would be great if you can approach your friends, relatives first. Other than this you can apply for loans or even look for venture companies which will invest in apps. You will also find online crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and AppBackr — they might also help you to develop an app if you have a mind-blowing idea in mind.

#3. Device Compatibility

Here the challenging part will be to design the app that will run on all different devices and on different screen sizes. So say big “No” to design only for the latest platform, as you need to build an app which will run across as many devices as possible. This is an essential thing to remember and pay attention to various limitations like OS requirements, screen resolution, and other factors. How can you fix these things?


Responsive designing is the only solution to deal with this challenge, as this will give more flexibility to adjust and run your app on various platforms as well as on different sizes of devices. Make a point to test your app on all sorts of devices before launching, so that you ensure that your app reaches everyone in the form of all devices.

#4. Build An Interactive App

The reason to build an interactive app is to increase the interaction between users and your app. You can make the most use of it, as you will find that there are many mobile devices loaded with high-tech sensors. Creating an interactive app can be time-consuming and the challenge is how to design such an app.


There are many apps which have been made interactive by providing walk-through and coach marks. But there are lots of things you can do to create interaction between users and your app by using options of various buttons for click options, etc. To make the interactions more tangible try to use the alternatives like flipping, titling or shaking the mobile. All these actions will allow the app to perform and the users may find it interesting to play.

#5. Keep The App Simple And Clear

You should develop the app in a simple manner which is easy to use. This can be challenging as the functioning of the app may be clear for you to use, but that doesn’t mean it will be clear for all users as well. So, what can be done for this?


To make the app simple and user-friendly you can use thumbnails and icons to display information. This can generally improve the user’s experience and navigation ability. You can even include helpful tutorials and instructions in your app.

#6. App Performance VS Battery Life

This is also an important aspect of mobile app development. Here the challenge is to design the app without any bugs and which uses a minimum battery to run the app. After developing the app might function well on latest devices and there may be some kind of disrupt such as visual effects that flood cache or have integrating features problem on the older version.


Make sure a team member of the mobile app developers is visualizing and testing the design and working on the app to avoid any performance problems in the final version.

Hopefully now you will be more cautious and keep the above challenges in mind while developing an app so that you come up with a perfect app for your users.



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