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5 Surefire Ways To Turn Traffic Into Social Media Followers

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Social media is a good source of traffic only if you build your audience properly. However, before you start building, you need to have that audience first. When you have your website and a set of traffic channels, then you can use it to

#1. Link Your Contact Page to Your Social Media Accounts

Your own website has a contact page and the chances of your potential clients reaching out to you is through your phone number or email address. This is a great place to put your social media such as your Facebook page information. Ensure that you include links to your pages and inform your possible customers that one of the best ways to contact you is through a direct message through Twitter or Facebook or a post on your wall. For this to be successful, you need to reply as soon as they give comments on your Facebook or other social media accounts.

#2. Let Them Engage in Your Posts

Make sure that your followers bounce back to your own blog and other social media accounts. Let them visit your Twitter or Facebook, and use the shared posts that will direct them back to your own website. If possible, try to keep them in this kind of cycle to create awareness with your good content on the website. It will also encourage them to comment on the posts, share your blog and eventually recommend your business to their friends or colleagues.

#3. Link From Other Social Media Accounts

While you are working on how to grow one of your social media accounts such as your Facebook page, then chances that you are also working on growing your other social media pages like Instagram, Twitter, Google+, etc. When you add links to your Facebook page from other sites, you are doing a cross-promotion to each of your accounts. It will lessen your effort to give an announcement or contact all of them. This proves that your social media sharing buttons are not only for decoration.

#4. Use A Widget Sidebar

It is important on your own website, trust me. It’s an easier, yet very effective, way to display your social media followers that will attract other users. For example, if a new visitor sees the pictures of their acquaintances on the display of the people liking or following your page, then the chances are high that they will also like or follow your own page.

#5. Close The Comment Tab on Your Website

If possible, share your articles or content through your social media accounts. This forces your website visitors who want to write a comment on a post to go to your social media page and comment there. This will boost your social media shares too. However, if you have an active community on your comments on your site then it’s not necessary to do so. But for those who do not have active commenters or just starting, then it is very useful.

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