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5 Social Media Tricks To Get More Website Traffic

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A successful web presence and digital marketing campaign is one that attracts substantial traffic to the website with the aim of increasing visibility and eventual sales. Social media is the new frontier where social media managers and brands can enhance traffic to their websites. With multiple platforms to think about and new features on daily basis, attention shifts to how social media can boost your flow of traffic with ease.

With a limited budget, growing the traffic on your website can be a big challenge. It gets tough when paid advertising on social media does not guarantee the returns you are looking for. From experience, traffic to your website through social media must begin with traffic to your social media page. This is the only way social media will be a reliable source of traffic to your website. But traffic does not just materialize on your page. You must take certain steps to draw that traffic.

Increasing Traffic To Your Social Media Platform

To get quality traffic on your social media, you must build relationships with the public. People must find a reason to visit your account. You also need to engage them such that each visit feels rewarding. Availability to your followers or brand loyalist is another trick that helps to grow traffic on social media platforms. Engagement also helps you to nurture them or address their issues and thus reassure them through the buying process.

You must also recognize the uniqueness of each social media platform. Each platform is different and requires a different approach. Remember that followers of one channel are not necessarily the followers of the other. SE Ranking SEO software will help you to cater for the uniqueness and count the traffic from each social platform.

There are tricks that apply to all social media platforms in your quest to draw more traffic through them. Everything your followers know or perceptions created about your brand will depend on the content you upload on these platforms. Work on content like info-graphics, blog posts and case studies to increase the possibility of sharing. Going the extra mile with your content makes the social media experience for your clients captivating and therefore rewarding in terms of traffic. Here are tricks that will work to your advantage on all platforms.

#1. Capture The Imagination Of Followers Using Visuals

Visuals create a captivating first impression. Though the old adage goes that we should not judge a book by its cover, visuals are powerful in making that important first impression. According to Adobe Q4 in 2013, it was confirmed that the presence of visuals increased the level of engagement on a post by 650%. This was prominent in cases where images were added.

Visual content was also linked to quick buying decisions. Visuals validate the decision to buy a particular product. When visitors to your site view demos and videos about your product they make the decision right away as opposed to reading reviews on text.

Case Of Instagram

Instagram is a platform that emphasizes on visuals. Each day, more than 100 million photos are shared on Intagram. What you need is to spice up your visual content to increase the level of engagement and beat competition on Instagram. Fresh content on Instagram also receives more attention compared to stale content. By the second day, attention to your post has fizzled.

The ideal visual content on social media should include

  • Fresh layout and vibrant colors
  • Professional photography
  • A story line
  • A new perspective of showing the products or services
  • Deliberate and consistent development of content.

#2. Make It Easy To Share Your Content

Mobile is the leading platform for access to internet and social media. Every serious brand targeting digital marketing knows the place of mobile responsive platforms in successful or effective marketing campaigns. According to data by ComScore, 65% of social media time is through mobile. Photos took the largest share of social media engagements on mobile platforms.

If we are living in the age of mobile devices, your content must be made friendly to such platforms. One of the strategies is to make this content easy to share. If it is difficult to share the content, only a few will be patient enough to actually share.

Social Media Buttons And Plug-Ins

There are plugins that make it easy for readers to share content across platforms. For instance, Click to Tweet enables you to just highlight a section of the content and instantly share without exiting the page.

Your page needs to have social media buttons that are user friendly. This means easy to share without distracting the reader. Considering that most people only read half your page, the buttons must be placed in such a way that they will be easy to reach and share. Know the sections on your website where people are clicking more often to enable you position your social media plugins there.

#3. Work On Your SEO

It is important to have content that is engaging and sharable. However, there is need for correct and effective sharing. Since social media is a pivotal component of digital marketing, your SEO-Search Engine Optimization strategy must be improved. By integrating the best industry practice in SEO and social media, you stand to reap the following benefits.

  • Growth in leads and sales
  • Improved visibility online
  • Stronger and authoritative domain and brand online
  • Easy and direct connection with your audience
  • Higher social media traffic

Such steps not only boost your traffic through SEO, they raise the confidence of potential buyers because they can see improvements in ranking. This is confirmed by a study by the Annual Interactive Global Study that indicated that 85% of people making purchase decisions online relied on web ranking.

Power of Inbound Traffic

SEO is important for visibility but social media is equally effective. With quality content, your updates can be shared by other social media users. Through such sharing, your content is seen by new eyes. This is a way to build relationships and therefore encourage or mine traffic from other social media users.

#4. Master Audience Attention Time

Social media users respond positively to fresh and consistent updates. People are eager to see and update with your content. When there is a spike in social media traffic, it is time to make your updates more consistent. In fact, people will create a habit of visiting your wall at a particular time because they know that something new is on offer.

Create a schedule that is consistent and easy for social media followers to follow. Be specific on the number of posts they can expect and the time these updates will be made. The schedule for posting should accommodate all platforms. Remember that some require more updates than others. With a schedule in place, you can now develop your tactics, schedule and habits.

Social media management software will help you schedule the updates and even track their performance. Because of the needs of each platform, it helps to synchronize the schedule to make it easier to meet the needs of all platforms. Monitor performance from time to time in order to adjust your posting schedule.

#5. Constant Engagement With The Audience

Social media management and marketing is anchored on engaging your audience or followers. According to data from 2016 Q2 Sprout Social Index, brands elicited one response from the audience after sending 23 messages related to the brand and its products. This is testament that you will not go anywhere with self promotion. Here are other surprising findings from this survey that should help you enhance your social media presence.

  • A third of customers turn to your competition for goods and services upon being ignored on social media.
  • 33% of customers have turned to social media as their ideal platform for customer care queries
  • The number of messages requiring response by the brand on social media grew by 22% between 2016 and 2017.
  • Brands ignored 85% of queries, only responding to 15%.

These statistics are likely to scare you to the point of being compelled to spend every minute on social media waiting to respond to questions. This is not the intention. The statistics only point at areas that need attention and those that should inform your social media strategy. Considering that more people are on social media, it is time to provide the best experience on the platforms by engaging with clients. in fact, clients are asking for as little as engagement that does not have to be fulltime. It is better when this engagement is scheduled. Respond to their concerns and questions and you will be in their good books.

Increase in social media traffic begins with paying attention to your social media platforms by managing them better. Remember that social media acts like a two way street. When you pay attention to it and invest in its health, it will reward you handsomely. Social media management software makes it seamless to integrate all platforms and thus simplify their management. If you choose to have a malnourished social media ecosystem, you should not expect a lot from it. You need a comprehensive and professional strategy to reap the benefits of social media for your brand.

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