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5 Reasons That Make Managed Hosting The CIO’s Favorite

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The IT needs of a company are many and varied; and the demands of it on the CIO, are just as multifarious and demanding. On a daily basis, you must face the task of driving analytical processes, reinventing existing business modes, and leading strategic and operational tasks that are instrumental in the functioning of the company. With so many roles to fulfil and so many tasks to juggle between, additional chores such as maintaining a private managed hosting network should be the least of your worries.

While many companies still depend upon the age-old norms that dictate a Buy-Build-Maintain model for hosting their servers, today’s IT needs have evolved beyond it. Be prepared to transform the way your business works with the introduction of

Reason #1: It saves you from Resource Drainage in Terms of Both Time and Money

Start making a checklist of the number of things that you need to assemble, if you were to go with your own buy-build-maintain model of business. The very first thing that will strike you is the resource drain that exhibits itself.

In contrast to the benefits of having your own team and maintaining every little thing by yourself, managed hosting services offer packages rather than resumes. With packages curtailed to fit the needs of small, medium and large business owners, these provide an extraordinary amount of convenience in terms of time and money. These managed hosting sites support a wide range of websites, including those on Magento, WordPress, X-Card, etc.

Avoidance of time taken to collect a competent team to work under you, and that spent in monitoring the server in addition to all the other elements of a business, alone, should be enough reason for any CIO to consider switching to a managed hosting solution service. Transitioning to an OPEX model from a CAPEX one has never been easier.

Reason 2: It Improves the Security Measures of your data by providing expert solutions

Remember the CIO of Target who had to resign because of a security breach that leaked information of millions of customers? It’s important to remember cases such as these, when considering the benefits of putting your faith in managed hosting services.

While there are many ways to establish a secure data infrastructure system at your place of business, there are multiple threats of putting all your information in one place. On the other hand, managed hosting services provide you DDS detection, provide firewalls, etc.

Considering that infrastructure is the prime component of any managed hosting service provider’s package, they have the right people, the right tools, and the right security mechanisms that can protect all your data. Their enterprise-grade centers of data have multiple layer of security, which conform to international standards such as the HIPAA, FedRAMP, Safe Harbor, etc. The compliance standards of SSAE 16 SOC 1 Type 2 applied to their servers are just an added advantage.

Reason 3: Establishes a competent Support System for all your data, without the extra effort and costs

Generally, IT teams are trained to handle any internal inconsistencies within a server, but that takes time, dedication and some amount of skill. The lack of an IT department that is dedicated to managing the server alone, and not any of the other aspects of the business, can be a crushing blow to any business at all.

Most managed hosting services also provide a 24/7 support system with 99.99% SLA adherence, however, which can rush to the support of their customers whenever needed. In fact, some services even provide exceptional offers such as daily checks for inconsistencies. One of the best in this department has to be FinestShops, which provides an hourly check for all their customers.

If there are any errors detected in the process, the team at FinestShops is alerted immediately, and the problem is fixed even before it can be brought to your attention. For someone as busy as a CIO, this self-protect mechanism should be one of the key features – particularly since it saves you both time and money in terms of minimal downtime.

Reason 4: Helps in the Over-all Improvement and Fast-Tracking of your Business

It is a well-established fact that time equals money, and businesses are familiar with this statement to a very great extent. In today’s challenging world of commerce, it’s important to constantly innovate and bring forward new changes in any business at all.

Is it really possible when the people in charge are stuck behind their desks, supervising a team of freshmen from college, or trying to work around deadlocks and security breaches? To prevent yourself from getting side-tracked from the greater goal of expansion, it’s better to choose managed hosting services.

Being myopically concentrated on just certain very specific elements of your business can be harmful for somebody like the CIO, but this is exactly what makes these service providers so great for any company hiring them. With their single minded focus on eliminating every problem and preventing any crisis in the internal workings of your website, these are usually professional teams that strive to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Reason 5: Customized Solutions without the additional Headache offers Peace of Mind.

Providers who have their client’s requirements at heart are not that difficult to find in today’s expanding market. There was a time when only specific packages could be found, and they would be applied whole-sale to an entire business; but today, the clients’ needs are much more sophisticated than what a generalized package would provide.

In exchange for a very modest monthly fee, clients have the option of complete access to their administrative or cPanels, which gives them complete control of their website. For a CIO, being in control of every element of your business is an essential part, and these providers know and respect that.

At the same time, they offer customized solutions that are curtailed to fit the architecture, need and infrastructure of the client. Consequently, they become an extension of the same IT team that conducts other elements of your business.

With senior technicians and executives available to support you, there’s nothing stopping you from the executive aspects of your business.

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