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5 Hidden iOS 8 Features That All Apple Users Should Know

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iOS 8 has been the most significant and feature rich update ever since the rollout of the platform. With every new OS update Apple has never failed to introduce an array of really useful and captivating kind of features but in this update there is a bunch of formidable additions and enhancements. The new iOS 8 is offering features that are particularly great for integrating deeper with the Mac.

Almost every Apple enthusiast is probably aware of the big features of iOS 8 that made headlines. But what about the ones still hidden about which most of us have not read anything yet? This unannounced lot of features is equally surprising with the range of benefits they propose.

#1. Find my iPhone: Tracking the device better even when the battery runs out

Find my iPhone app is for tracking the device and it comes to your aid when you have lost it. But what happens when your phone runs out of battery power? In this case getting in contact with your device gets tougher. But in the new iOS 8 there is a feature to send your last location to the iCloud before the device gets switched off. This offers a great help in trackick your device even when your iPhone or iPad runs out of power. Enabling this great feature requires the following steps:

  • Open settings menu
  • Open iCloud and tap on ‘Find my device’
  • Turn on the ‘Last Location’ option on

Now what happens when you make these changes? To be precise, you are now protected against the phone being powered off suddenly and thereby losing the location of the phone. It will automatically start sending the location information to iCloud when your battery is in critical condition. If the device is connected to a cellular network the feature will work best and still fine if it is connected to Wi-Fi network.

#2. Instead of the mobile version load the desktop version of websites

Many websites differ in look and overall attributes when being loaded in mobile version. Actuallythe desktop version is still the best standard for so many websites and many a time you just feel a depreciating experience with their mobile versions. iOS 8, unlike its predecessor OS versions, can help you to load the desktop version easily. But obviously to use the benefits of this feature you need to make a few changes in the Safari browser. Below are the steps to follow:-

  • First of all open Safari browser.

  • Now open a site that loads a mobile version.

  • Now tap on the field for address.

  • Now swipe down the screen as you normally do for refreshing the browser screen.

  • While swiping down you will see that the desktop button appears. Then tap on it to load the desktop version of the same site.

The Desktop version, in the case of many websites, has more resources than the mobile specific one. When you tap on the desktop option Safari directs the site to load the desktop one instead of the mobile site.

#3. Pay bills with your mobile by scanning the cards

We often experience problem when making an online purchase using our bank cards. While typing the card digits manually there is a bigger risk of going wrong and the process is time consuming as well. While mobile purchase is continuing to be popular it would fetch an overwhelming user response if your iPhone is enabled to provide card information without having to note the card digits manually. The new iOS 8 is all equipped to scan your card information and provide them while making any online purchase. Apple Pay, the app meant to change the transaction experience, is coming loaded with the new OS. But this app is still in the pipeline and so until it arrives we can show you how you can use Safari to have the same advantage of paying with your mobile without using manual card information. Here are the steps:

  • Go to your required online shopping destination and move on to the checkout page.

  • When the payment method page is in front of you, put your cursor inside the card number field.

  • Now above the keyboard a Scan Credit Card button appears in the toolbar. Tap on it and you are ready to scan the card and provide your card detail for payment.

#4. Enhance battery output with battery hogging apps

Definitely every new iOS device is getting better in respect of battery output. The new iOS 8 is going to offer a better battery management feature. Now you can see the battery usage of individual apps separately thanks to this new operating system version. Obviously some apps drain your battery faster than others and while they run in the background your battery runs out. To check this you can see which apps are draining your battery more and accordingly can decide to close them. Here we mention the steps to see this:

  • Open the settings

  • Now navigate to ‘General’ and then to ‘Usage’ and lastly to ‘Battery Usage’.

  • In a few moments detailed battery usage information will be displayed to let you know which apps are draining the battery most.

  • Therefore you can decide to close a few running apps to save your battery from running out.

#5. Hide photos from everyone’s access

It is a common inconvenience felt by many iPhone or iPad users when all their photos are visible while showing only the ones you actually intended. While allowing friends and family members to see your photo folder you obviously do not want all your photos to become exposed for everyone’s visibility. To facilitate such privacy iOS 8 is all equipped to hide some of your photos from everyone’s access. Here are some simple steps to do that.

  • Go to your photo folder.

  • Tap on the photo you want to hide.

  • Hold on to it until a menu appears.

  • Tap on the ‘Hide’ button to hide it from everyone’s visibility.

Besides the so called well known feature set that made iOS 8 so big, these simple, effective and comparatively small features can really provide more and can add immense value to your device use. 

Images: ”KIEV, UKRAINE – JULY 10, 2014: Studio shot of brand new Apple MacBook Pro presenting new iOS 8 for developers, with Apple mobile devices and office tools on a modern desk./


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