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4 Reasons to Get a Heat Recovery System at Work

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When commercial offices haven’t been updated yet, they will often have separate heating or AC systems working independently. Sometimes, they perform poorly providing barely adequate, inconsistent warmth during the winter months or sufficient cooling when the sun is streaming in through the windows.

One way to fix these issues and more is a heat recovery system. Here are 4 reasons why getting this type of system is worthwhile for offices.


1.      Consistent Warmth

Unlike older systems, a heat recovery system is designed to collect warm air as it rises to the ceiling and redistribute it through the office premises. When doing so, it can provide a consistent form of heat instead of a temperature that regularly dips significantly and then rises again when the thermostat triggers the heaters to kick back on.

The typical back and forth with on/off heating leads to office workers complaining of cold feet and never quite feeling warm enough as their bodies experience the inconsistent range of temperatures. With heat redistribution, that situation is avoided. To find out more about how this works, this page has more information.


2.      Reduces Carbon Monoxide Levels

With offices that see outside air entering the building’s structure, exhaust fumes and other air pollutants can impact the office environment. Certainly, with anyone with respiratory diseases like asthma or COPD, it can make their breathing more labored even at low pollution levels.

Bear in mind that someone with asthma knows when someone is smoking even when they’re a considerable distance away. This is because the chemicals from the exhaled smoke will begin to constrict their airway. Such is the level of sensitivity to air pollutants of all kinds for those with respiratory disease.

A heat recovery system improves the overall air quality inside the building to prevent this situation from ever occurring.


3.      Keep Cooler in Summer Months

The summer months see sunshine blasting through the office windows. This either makes staff want to stop working and get outside to enjoy it, or they’re adjusting the blinds in an attempt to shield their computer screen from it. In either case, the office may heat up uncomfortably.

A heat recovery system is not only useful for cold climates; it also can recirculate air for hotter environments that are being cooled down. The ducting around the building provides more consistent ventilation unlike with individual AC units where cooling is mainly focused around where the unit is situated.


4.      Less Stuffy Work Environment

The process of heat recovery involves the collection of air at the ceiling level and the extraction of heat from it. However, that’s only one part of the process.

Another part is the air being expelled from the building and outside air pulled in. The fresh air is then run through multiple air filters to clean it. Only then is any collected heat infused with this clean air. Then it is distributed throughout the office. The result is a consistently less stuffy environment to work in without the need to open the window to get some fresh air flowing.

Heat recovery systems are not just for homes – they can be ideal for work environments with many employees who rely on consistent air quality and sufficient warmth or cooling to be optimally productive.

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