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3 Reasons You Should Avoid iFrames For Your Business Website

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An Inline Frame is an HTML document embedded into another website. It lets users view content from another user on the same page, and can sometimes be accompanied with its own scrollbar, and navigation. Although they may be considered useful, iFrames have a lot more disadvantages than they do advantages

# 1.  Unreliability of different users

In an iFrame, because the HTML can be changed without the discretion of the website’s creator, malicious content can be uploaded without permission of the website’s designer. Your website may have your content on it, with another website’s content, but the content can change anytime, to material that you may or may not approve of.

An example of this is when in 2008, the websites of major newstations were hit with hackers that added links to pages that led to malicious websites, causing an abundance of problems for the websites.Unsuspecting users had to face multitudes of problems- something that you don’t want to deal with.

# 2.  Some Browsers Don’t Support iFrames

The most important aspect of the internet is that users can access almost every website, no matter their region or computer system.The open nature of the internet is what draws users into checking out website.

Because some browsers don’t support iFrames, using iFrames stops some websites’ accessibility to users that have browsers that don’t support the application. When the internet is based around the amount of hits your website gets, this could create a major problem in gaining popularity amongst users.

# 3.  Search Engines Find it Difficult to Index Your Website

As mentioned above, hits are one of the most importance aspects of running a website. The more people that know about your website, the better it will do. The best way to find any website on the internet is known by all- search engines. Typing a few key words into Google can lead any number of users onto your website. But this can’t be done if you use iFrames.

When you use frames on your website, search engines find it difficult to index them. This could lead to a number of problems- for example, the search engine may only lead to your homepage, instead of the page that the users are looking for. Drawing users in is a matter that takes seconds, and if they can’t find the information they’re looking for on your website, they’ll move on to something new.

Even if the search engine does somehow manage to lead the users to the right page, internal frames may be indexed out of the frameset. This means that even if users find what they’re looking for, they’re going to be looking at a page that has no footer or navigation.

Although these are just three reasons why you shouldn’t use frames, there are many more. When designing your website or dealing with other website creators either it is through a designer, agency or a crowdsoucring website like zillion designs, 99designs, etc, make sure that you look for better options than frames. The internet is a place of thousands of possibilities so why choose one that might hurt your prospects of popularity?

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