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3 Good Reasons To Choose Android Over iOS

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Nowadays when you search the mobile market you will find a large number of mobile application development platforms because of the emergence of smart phones. The most famous and most commonly used platforms these days are Android and iOS. They are well known for their user friendliness and high applicability that they offer to their end users. Both of the operating systems are facing neck to neck competition for capturing the maximum market.

Windows and Blackberry are also available in the market and they have their own group of users. But the two platforms with the toughest competition are between Android and iOS.

Although there are many attractive and helpful features offered by both the platforms, they confuse the end user for which phone one must go for. I would say that android is emerging as the best operating system if we analyse the current scenario. It has a number of advantages over the Apple operating systems. But if we talk about iOS it offers status, peculiarity and has given people a new style of living.

Here we will discuss some reasons that will show that Android is a better option over iPhone. Let’s see how:

#1. Android offers you more variants as compared to iOS

In the present scenario there is an increase in the number of dealers who support Android in their smart phones. This is also becoming one of the main reasons why most of the users are going for Android phones. Samsung, Micromax and many other smart phones are introducing new Android applications each day.

However, iOS, is only available for Apple devices. Therefore we can say that android gives you more options in terms of designs and devices.

#2. Android is for all

By saying Android is for all we mean that Android is an open source platform where anybody can design their application. But this also means that because of the availability of Android with various phones it is affordable for every person. It is cost-effective if we compare it with the price range that iOS has to offer.

If we count the number of people using Android then you will find that a larger number of people is using Android. The only thing with which iOS gaining popularity in the market is iPad tablets which are more prevalent in the market.

#3. Use of Advanced Technology 

Everybody knows that over a period of time, Android has been improving and is giving a variety of updated flavors. The latest that Android has introduced is the Kit-Kat 4.0. It is obvious that upgraded version will provide upgraded services. At the same time Apple is also introducing a new iOS but it has a predetermined framework. Technology is running at a speed of light and Android has gained the power to serve the best apps to its users.

On the whole we can conclude that Android is becoming much better in terms of user friendliness and applicability. So whenever you are confused about which phone you want always go for Android phones. They are reliable, cost effective and offer you high user end applications.

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