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15 Best iPhone Apps You’re Not Using

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There are in-numerous numbers of apps present in the App Store, but how many of us have ever tried out something that is completely new and unknown to us. Have we ever gone window shopping in our App Store to look for the apps that will help us in enhancing our iPhone experience? We rarely do that, instead we are happy with the facebook, angry birds, spotify and similar apps like these.

Once in a while, it’s worth just taking a walk through the unknown paths of the

#1. Google Translate

Wondering why you require this app? If you love to visit new places all over the world or if your job takes you to new countries, then you must have faced the language barrier lots of time. This Google Translate app ensures that you speak the new language correctly and without making use of internet connection. When you point your camera to a sign, the app will translate the whole text to your language, making it easier for you to understand and converse comfortably with the locals.

#2. Iconical

Most iPhone users crib about one thing and that is the absence of customization just like their Android counterparts. But, now they can also create a shortcut for their gmail or any other favorite apps and access it with a single tap from their home screen using Iconical.

#3. Fleksy 

If you find the iOS keyboards to be too boring for you, then you can download the Fleksy keyboard and have fun with the typing. It comes with auto correction, next word prediction and swipe typing.

Pumpic-features#4. Pumpic 

Have a teenage daughter or son, whom you need to monitor? Then Pumpic will help you in monitoring the calls, SMS, emails, surrounding noises and also the social media activity. This monitoring app is available with a monthly plan that you can avail.

#5. Apowersoft phone manager

Apowersoft phone manager is one such treasure that helps you in transferring files from your device to PC or vice versa, manage the music, videos, photos, etc. and also take screenshots with one click.Humin11-730x637

#6. Humin

Met a girl at the party, but forgot to ask her name! Fret not; Humin is here to help you out. You can just type in the right keyword like ‘Suzanne’s friend this week’ and the app will do the searching for you across social media and figure out the name. It is a free app, so you can easily try it out any time you want.

#7. Overcasts

This Overcasts app is created by the co-creator of Tumblr and it includes some interesting features like the Voice boost, smart speed, etc. This one also comes for free.

#8. VSCO cam

Now no need to carry your digital camera along with you everywhere. Instead, download VSCO cam for free and you will be able to tweak the setting manually to get a perfect click. In here, you will be able to adjust the focus, white balance, shutter speed, exposure compensation, etc. and also edit the image on a go. After the adjustment is done, you can post them on Facebook or Instagram right away.


#9. Dayre 

Want to have some fun, then download Dayre, which is similar to that of Tumblr. With the help of this app you can film snippets of your daily life by clicking pictures or recording audio clip or shooting videos. You can also pen down some thoughts of yours and publish it on the website designed by Dayre. You will be made available with the URL, which you can share with your friends and make them a part of your life as well.

#10. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield helps you protect your identity while browsing. The app hides all the information related to the browsing like the IP address, transmissions and also the Wi-Fi information and makes it look like you are browsing from a different country altogether. You can use it for free until the trial period is over.20140829-blog-post-ios8

#11. Wikitude 

If you are not aware of the new pub that has open just round the corner or the most happening places in the city, then you must download Wikitude and it will provide you with all the information on museums, parties, bars, pubs, general sightseeing around the city, theaters and what not! You can also have fun playing the games that are made available for you in this free app.

#12. Day One

Creating a diary of your own with all the required information stored in safely is now possible with the help of Day One. A personal record that includes various minute things can be recorded easily.

#13. Breeze

breeze_blog_header2In our busy life, we try to keep a track of all our appointments, but we forget to track our activities. Staying fit is important and if an app can motivate us to break our own records and set new ones every time, then the app is worth giving a try. Breeze is one such app, which customizes the daily goal on the basis of the activity that we have done in the previous week. No complicated charts are present; instead the app comes up with data that will help you in moving forward.

#14. WeChat

Keeping in touch with all your friends has become much easier now. You can create a group of 40 and enjoy endless chatting with them using emoticons or basic texting ising WeChat. Voice calls are also available, so now using your Wi-Fi connection or the phone plan, you can keep in touch with everyone you wish.081313-national-college-apps-venmo-logo.jpg

#15. Venmo

Venmo will help you in protecting the information of your bank account by connecting to it and in case you are expecting payment from someone, then this app will remind you of that too.


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